April 08, 2008

Monkeys Stole My Underwear

I've been looking for this Midsummer Night Designs sampler, which may be out of print. I got it the other day from ebay. If you're not familiar with it, the verse says "Monkeys Steal My Underwear at Night" which in all cases I prefer to the huge proliferation of "If this you see remember me" verses that you see so much these days and which I attribute to the poor economy. I don't want my needlework to remind me that I'm going to die. In fact, when I was at the LNS the other day, I saw a pet memorial sampler. There's a frolic-ing kitty and dog and a sheep or something, and some birds and a hill with flowers and a big gravestone with room for Fluffy's name on it. I have a lot of pets, and I don't want eventually to have a row of these samplers (the stack of little carved boxes is bad enough), or even one sampler with a really huge gravestone on it with everyone's name on it. Last one left, take the sampler to the framer! Ugh! Anyway, I like this upbeat verse which may explain why so many things disappear at my house. I would do it using GAST threads though because I think the big blocks of DMC may be more than I can stand doing.

Here's a little progress on Lemon Tree.

"I'm looking for my underwear."

Note that in the above picture, I thought it was so cute that Pink was rummaging in my work bag. I heard him rustling and then rattling paper and I thought it was so cute that he'd helped himself to my package of crackers. Only, the next morning on the bus, it wasn't the crackers he'd eaten; he'd chewed the ear bud wire on my XM radio, snapping it in two. And chewed a hole in my little pencil case.

"I have an idea for a sampler verse:
That rabbit chews things on a whim,
When this you see, remember him.


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

The stitching is great! That Pink is a mess! LOL! Elvis just sits there and looks so innocent! They are funny bunnies!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Well, Elvis looks innocent!

One time we stopped in a local storefron restaurant in Ludington, Michigan .. right on Lake Michigan. The walls were full of needle work .. mostly nautical. They were all done by the guy who had previously owned the joint and recently died. A much better memorial!!!!

Barbara said...

Do they make muzzles for rabbits? ;)

Awhile back, I followed a link (which I did not bookmark - argh!) to a designer who creates what look like traditional samplers but the verses are modern song lyrics and other funny stuff. Cracked me up. I love this design by Deborah, btw. :)

Anonymous said...

Pretty funny entry. I feel the same way about that morbid verse that is so popular...or was in the Victorian era. I bought that Pet Memorial Sampler with the intent (strong emphasis on intent) to change to the tombstone to another animal. It will sit in my stash most likely.

Anna van Schurman said...

You should use that verse to commemorate Pink, but be sure to leave the sampler on the floor for a little while! ;)

June said...

Lemon Tree is coming along nicely!

Love the Monkeys saying - too funny. :D I agree, it's much better than 'When this you see'.

staci said...

I'm going to try to remember that monkey saying~~too funny! Except maybe you should change it to 'bunnies'??

Michelle said...

I love that Monkey Sampler...I sure hope it's not out of print!