July 06, 2014

Round Here

Hi, guys! It's been a while, but in the waning hours of my three-day weekend, I thought I would catch you up on what's on my Q-snaps. Those who know me as a "serious" stitcher might be surprised to see this little whimsical design and the equally whimsical framing treatment (framed by In Stitches--thanks, Karen for suggesting the grass-green linen fillet). Fun! This was a two-weekend project, more or less. This is "Daisy Dog" by Stitchy Kitty. I used the called-for overdyed cotton fibers and a piece of 32 count PTP in Aerial (I think) from my stash.
Here's a little something that surfaced when I cleaned out a closet this weekend--from time to time it has shown up over the years and I figure it's time to get it framed. It's on 14 count aida, and it's kind of charming. In the right frame, it'll be a cute addition to my kitchen full of oddball, brightly framed projects (white walls, white cabinets, white counters--something has to break up that monotony).
Another old friend: Beatrix Potter Alphabet. I bought it about 25 years ago, as a kit. I don't love the linen--it's a bit meshy--but I do like the design. Lots of backspacing which brings the animals into focus--sheesh.
Blackbird Designs' Agnes Platt: I'm on the the last third of the design with the strawberry baskets.
A close-up: I'm using 40 count Maritime white I think, and a conversion to Belle Soies.
I've started up again on Winter at Beacon House by Praiseworthy Stitches, using the called-for overdyed cottons (GAST and WDW):
I just purchased this, and it arrived yesterday in the mail. By Madame Chantilly. I love the design. Because I'm using fabric from my stash which is a different color from the called-for "natural," I'm changing the colors, using overdyed threads instead of the called-for DMC colors (there's also one European skein--onyx, which is an overdyed black-to-gray. Instead of the onyx, I will use "Midnight," which is I think a Gentle Art floss in a dark navy-to slightly lighter blue.
And, not really last, since I have at least another half dozen things going (will show you those next time), I started With Thy Needle and Thread's "Patriotic Poppies." I'm using the called for cotton fibers and a piece of Picture This Plus 40 count Legacy from my stash. I changed the white of the sheep because my fabric was a different color than the one suggested by the designer.
Here's an older photo of Peaches saying hello. All four of the bunnies are doing well. I have recently blown out a knee going down a simple flight of stairs, when my kneecap jumped the track and created all kinds of ligament havoc. That has probably put an end to my running, but I'm biking now, walking regularly, and I'm taking up weight training, which my orthopedist highly recommends for his older patients, since it builds bone density. My vacation was spent not at the beach but sitting on my sofa, stitching for a solid week. There are worse things, for sure!