July 01, 2012

Dead Wood

Hi, everyone! If you watch the Weather Channel, you probably know that on Friday night Virginia (and several other states) got walloped by a cluster of terrible thunderstorms that knocked down trees and killed power to over a million customers. They're estimating that power won't be restored to everyone until the end of the week. We were very fortunate; although the power flickered on and off about 20 times, it finally came back and stayed on. It's really hot--it was about 102 today, so we appreciated the A/C. Likewise we appreciated not having this tree limb fall on the car. The tree is being taken out tomorrow; the canopies of these pears (decorative--no fruit) are heavy and the wood is soft, so they tend to split easily.

With such high heat, there was nothing better than stitching inside all weekend. I worked on Elizabeth and Sarah, but I don't really have anything to show--just more alphabets. But here's a little progress on a snow globe Christmas ornament from 2011 by Blackberry Lane. I'm stitching with DMC over one on 30 count linen.

Here's a photo of the project:

And thanks to Nicole, who showed her "Charlotte Clayton," I took mine out. This is the third time I have started this project--I didn't like the fabrics I used in the last two. This is 40 count Picture This Plus, but I can't remember the name of the color. It's a very blotchy pink/orange that looks just right with the NPI colors of the design. So far I'm pleased.

We have kept cooking to a minimum to keep the house cool; the bunnies counsel eating lots of nice chilled salads. It's even better if you can eat them while lying on a chilly tile floor.

Happy Fourth! You know what I'll be doing, and it isn't going to be shooting off a bunch of firecrackers in the heat!