February 21, 2016

What to Leave In, What to Leave Out

Greetings, all! Things are busy here. Tom is getting himself a brand-new knee Tuesday, so we've been prepping for the operation, the hospital stay and recovery at home along with a big heaping helping of physical therapy. My official job is driver, calmer downer (he's very apprehensive), fetcher and waiter arounder. I will be attending an official orientation for "coaches." The hospital folks encouraged me to spend the night(s), so I'll be packing a few needlework projects and hoping for good light somewhere. At the end of that is knee number 2. It's a darned shame he doesn't stitch, isn't it? I've offered to teach him, but he claims he wouldn't be able to handle the detail. I told him that if the surgical team should need someone to stitch him up, I'd be happy to volunteer. He laughed and said that if I were doing the stitching, I'd get half of it done and put him aside... I've had a finish! Miriam Chilvers' Sampler by Samplers Remembered. Stitched on 40 count Lakeside using the called-for AVAS.
Here's a close-up. Everyone's favorite detail is her striped dress.
I poked around in my stash and pulled out Ann Smith, thanks to Margaret, whose finish is so beautiful. I'm a long way from a finish. I couldn't find any of the fibers, so I re-kitted that part of it at In Stitches last Stitch Night. There's a lot of time-consuming over-one in this project.  40 count Lakeside Linen in Magnolia using the called-for AVAS fibers.
I have a new start! The minute I saw Gigi R's "Biedermeier Sampler," I knew I had to stitch it. It's charted for DMC, which I purchased. I had a nice piece of Lakeside in Porcelain (40 count) in my stash, and I have converted all the DMC colors to silks from my stash.
Here's a photo of the chart.
Last but not least is "Seven Sheep Sampler" by The Scarlett House. I'm working on a dark fabric, which I love (likely Lakeside vintage autumn gold) using the charted Gloriana and Class Colorworks colors, but substituting for the Dinky Dyes. I remember starting it and then getting distracted, but it's such a beautiful sampler, that I worked most of today on it. The photo shows the true colors of the fibers, but the fabric appears a little light here.
Off I go to accomplish a few chores before bed and the single day of work this week (tomorrow). Happy week, all!