August 12, 2012

Fat Bottomed Girls

Hey, guys! It's been a while, but my job seems to be of the all-consuming, hours-eating type. At the end of the day I'm pretty well drained and every weekend is catch-up, so I haven't been blogging much, although I continue to stitch. Thank goodness that stitching is so calming. I've been working on much!

Here's where Sarah Hatton McPhail stands. Not finished, although close. I've got a little bit here and there--something on the border, finishing the four-sided stitch over the top of the navy letters/numbers, completing the boat and the lines in the water, doing some top stitching on bushes and trees, and a couple of over-one mottoes. I'm hoping to finish by the first Stitch Night in September, wherein my pals and I will be selecting a suitable frame.

Love the sampler but hate these little four-sided suckers, because you know, it's enough. This relationship is over. Time to move on.

Of course when a relationship goes bad, sometimes you cast your eyes around and start another relationship prematurely. My friend Carol M. loaned me this chart--I've been wanting to stitch it forever. Thanks, Carol! Blackbird Designs' "Blessings Be Thine" stitched on a piece of LL (vintage examplar, I think, 32 count) from my stash, using a conversion to Belle Soie silks from my stash.

Remember Hannah Carter? I hemmed and hawed over what to use for her.

Simple Cashel--everything is covered, so no sense using a nice over-dyed. I'm using the called-for AVAS with the exception of the background blue-green, for which I'm using Silk 'n Colors in Green Leaves (there are two Green Leaves--this is the dark). Hopefully the variegation will make it more fun to stitch all that background. And no, I'm not stitching it in the recommended one-stitch-at-a-time way--there's just too much of it.

I put a little work into Ann Dale: Big and Beautiful. I love this and am thinking ahead to Christmas (Christmas 2015 maybe). Called-for NPI on PTP 40 count fabric. Legacy?

Another new start: Sheepish Designs' "Spotless Innocence."

I'm stitching it on 40-count LL Examplar from my stash, along with a silk conversion of the DMC colors. It's a fun stitch.

Many thanks to a local stitching friend, Beth, who had listed the SI chart on ebay, and which I won in a bid, not knowing it was hers. She was destashing and generously gave me all of these Sheepish Designs! Thanks so much, Beth! I foresee many hours of happily sitting on my butt, stitching away.

Elizabeth is sitting in the sink, having her sticky pantaloons soaked clean in a plain warm-water bath. She appears serene here, doesn't she?

Noooooooo! Let me out!

On to stitch a bit. Happy week ahead!