March 18, 2012

Waiting for Chupacabra

Greetings! This week saw a little progress on the Shepherd's Bush Adam & Eve. The snake was fun to stitch. I started a little Easter treat; pictures next week.

It's a very warm early spring in DC, so I've been trying to get out of the office to walk around, partly to find food, since I haven't gotten back into the groove of the packed lunch yet. I work across the street from these guys. The signs say: "Ban All Nuclear Weapons or Have a Nice Doomsday."

In the year and a half that I was working elsewhere, the food truck has taken over the streets of DC. I can only imagine the damage it has done to all the little (mediocre) cafes and delis where we used to pick up our overpriced sandwiches. Now we can order just about any kind of sandwich, wrap, meat-on-a-stick or cupcake curbside. The various trucks ply their wares in different parts of town each day, and they transmit their locations and specials on Twitter. Some trucks offer tastier fare than others, and truck decor goes from straightforward stenciling to over-the-top. I've been looking for Chupacabra, which is supposed to be quite good and has an an artistically painted truck. This day I bought a chivita sandwich from Mojo Truck.

It was a garlic-buttered roll with a layer of pulled pork, a fried egg, lettuce and tomato, and a pungent sauce that performed a slow burn in the back of my throat for the rest of the day.

I've noticed on my commute that nearly everyone is sporting a Kindle or an Ipad rather than carrying a book. Peaches wants to know what she will chew on if the Kindle replaces the book.

Happy week ahead!

March 11, 2012

Eve's Garden and WIP 19: Sail Away

Greetings, all! Did you think I'd given up the needle and thread? Nah--just busy, and my schedule hasn't allowed a lot of stitching in the last few weeks, and who wants to see my progress if the total is half a flower? For a while I may be posting less. I'm working as a temp employee in a DC law firm, and the hours are awkward, so there isn't much time, nor is there anyplace in their crowded space to get away for a little stitching at lunch. And I'm commuting on the Metro, so there's no elbow room for stitching there either. Mostly I've been reading on the commute and spending some time at In Stitches. I've bought some new stash from the Nashville stuff, some of which I'll show you over the next few weeks. I was really thrilled with some of the new designs. This one, for instance: "Eve's Garden" by Shepherd's Bush. Love the design and the colors, including the fabric that's part of the kit, which is Picture This Plus. It is moving along quickly--I finished this portion just in a morning of stitching today. I did make a substitution. The heart and other pale motifs and elements are a cream/ecru, but I felt they faded into the fabric, so I lightened it up by using a white from Silk n' Colors.

Here's a refresher on the chart:

Which brings to mind my sadly neglected WIP 19: "Sail Away," also by Shepherd's Bush.

Why did I stop? Who knows, although I think I got knotted up looking for a few threads that might be a bit darker. I definitely will need to start this again--it's very pretty. Also on the back burner, I have "Cranberry Pinafore" (purchased years ago but not started) and have been meaning to get "Sailor's Collar," which is a companion to CP. Required stitching for this former Cape Codder.

Here's a little progress on Lois Minshall. The colors in this are fabulous.

And here's a photo of some hay box strife, wherein Pink is informing Elvis to keep his paws off Pink's girlfriend (Elvis' response was to jump up and pee on Pink). They are normally kept apart, but I was cleaning cages, and they like nothing better than to escape and occupy each other's cages. Peaches and Pink are inseparable, and Elvis is very unhappy about it. The next time I go to the Cape and drop the rabbit gang at the bunny sitter (who runs an adoption service), Elvis will have a chance to choose a new girlfriend. You can't choose for them--they have to do it themselves. Just like teenagers! When we get the new bunny there will be photos, of course.

Off I go to clean some bathrooms and Swiffer some floors. Happy week ahead!