October 29, 2012

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night...

Greetings from somewhere inside Hurricane Sandy! It is raining steadily here, and it's quite breezy--maybe 15-20 mph. The temps have dropped a bit, from 52 this morning, to 47 now, in line with Sandy's merger with the cold front. So far, we have power; I'm crossing my fingers that we keep it, since I'm having a blast stitching and puttering. Note that everything photographed lighter than it is IRL--it's really dark with the storm. This is an ancient project that I got out of the closet and re-started. I think I bought it about 25 years ago at the now-defunct Total Crafts in Annandale, VA. I loved TC, and they seemed to do a great business--they predated Michaels, but their products were better and more fun. Of course it's Beatrix Potter, and the fabric that came in the kit is actually linen.
And I keep working away on this, which is getting close to a finish. There's a good bit more over-one though.
Speaking of over-one, just for fun I'm doing a Christmas ornament from a Prairie Schooler chart. Over one. On black (28). At night. Blindfolded. (OK, not blindfolded.)
Here's a view of the hurricane out our back door. That bent-over oak on the right has always been crooked--it's not an indication of the wind. The weather forecasters do say it's going to get a lot worse.
I went to Target and the grocery store and the pet store on Saturday (and couldn't find any water). Yesterday I toured gas stations and drug stores and found a few cases at CVS. I did stock up on Halloween candy at nearly every stop--we have literally 8 pounds of candy. (and Siobhan, I put the Reeses on top, just for you). Is it me, or does candy have less taste than it used to?
Pink and Peaches say it may be time to flee. Too late, guys; the trains and planes stopped running yesterday. At least we didn't have to go to work today!
Best wishes to everyone who is in or about to be in Sandy's grip!

October 21, 2012

Hi, everyone! This Sunday sees me a bit under the weather with whatever crud is going around--fever, chills, aches, coughing, etc. Fortunately, although I don't feel well enough to do much, I can still stitch, wrapped in my fluffy pink robe, cats gathered round and a box of Kleenex at my side. I keep nodding off though. I picked up my framed pieces on Wednesday night: Behold Sarah Hatton McPhail. There is museum glass in both frames, which I highly recommend.
And a close-up of her frame. There's a little bit of glare from the bulbs in the dining room chandelier--these are lying on the table at the moment, since I don't want to be wobbly when I hang them.
And the Dickens Mittens (Dickens Christmas? I can never remember the name of the thing) by Cross Eyed Cricket:
And a close-up of that as well. The framing was done at In Stitches, and I'm so pleased with the result!

I made chicken noodle soup from scratch yesterday.
Last week, my sister took me out for a wonderful lunch at Rosa Mexicano at Washington Harbor. There are Rosas scattered around the U.S.--Minneapolis, San Francisco, Boston, DC. We highly recommend it. Freshly made tortillas and tableside guacamole, seen here, along with some pomegranate margaritas. Yummy.
I picked up this little project at In Stitches on Stitch Night.
And promptly started it.

I haven't neglected Catharine McNeal either.
Elizabeth says hello.

And goodbye.

Happy week ahead! (Note, if you're looking for my blog list, it seems to have migrated below the action. It's a mystery to me why, and I'll fix it when I can figure out how to do so!)