November 27, 2011

Borrowed Light

Hi, all. I've had a nice opportunity to stitch this weekend, and here are some of the results: I've started Anniversaries of the Heart by Blackbird Designs. The colors are just beautiful, although to show you the stitching, I had to throw a little more light on the fabric, which has washed it out a bit. I'm working on 40 count Lakeside Meadow Rue using the recommended GAST, WDW and CC fibers. The first design is "Snow Garden," of course, perhaps containing the most subtle colors of the 19 designs (and the most problematic for choosing the right fabric). The bonus for working on this year-old series is that I know what it looks like finished up and what the bonus charts are. I'm interested in working on Margaret Cottom (La-d-Da), but I am being typically cautious and waiting to see the whole thing.

I visited with a stitching friend, who has completed this design: "Menagerie" by Drawn Thread. I'm using a piece of fabric from my stash--Lakeside, possibly Pecan Butter in 40 count, using the recommended NPI and Dinky Dyes fibers. The completed design is beautiful IRL, although the copied photo on the chart doesn't do it justice. Great charting though, which counts for a lot, but: Designers! Large clear photos sell more charts! Don't hide your light under a bushel--or a dimly copied or digitized cover!

I love the calming colors of these two projects. I've also spent the long weekend putting the finishing touches on a stitched or knitted gift (not tellin'!) for a needlework event I'm attending in December. I'll show photos after the recipient has had a chance to see it. Does it make you nervous to stitch for stitchers? I find myself looking at it more critically than I normally would. I'd hate for someone to look at my stitching/finishing and think: "Amateur. Perhaps you should take up bowling."

Lots of my neighbors have gotten busy with their Christmas lights already. This year I probably am not going to do much in that department, and I'll just enjoy theirs. We laughed last night about the wattage from across the street leaving burn marks on the outside of our house, but the display is well done and cheerful--borrowed light.

Here are the bunnies, having a conference through the bars.

November 20, 2011

A Little Stitching

Hi, all. Blogger--or my internet connection--is slow tonight, so just a quick post of what I've been working on this weekend. Although I'm back from the Cape, I'm trying to catch up with the cleaning, grocery shopping, spreadsheet for work and whatever else I'm supposed to be accomplishing. Hard to believe Thanksgiving is this week.

Dorothy Walpole: with my ongoing sadness and with the dull weather, the flowers on Dorothy were just what I needed.

This guy was a big help too. He inspected the luggage carefully, no doubt hoping for a treat, but also out of curiosity. Had I left it there long enough, he'd have crawled into it and nested in my clothing. I removed it, picturing doots hanging off my favorite sweaters when I put one of them on early in the morning. Not to worry, though. The treat is leaning against the wall; you can see a corner of it (timothy hay with "herbs": rose petals, rosemary and some other stuff that makes it fragrant.

It's nice to be back. Happy week ahead!

November 17, 2011

Thank you, Everyone

I want to thank all of you for your comforting and supportive comments and emails. My mom passed away peacefully in hospice care. Today was her funeral, and it was a beautiful service with hymns and a moving eulogy provided by the priest.

Afterwards there was the most fabulous luncheon, created and hosted by the kind ladies of the church. Those little sandwiches in the front are lobster salad rolls; and there were lots of other tidbits and treats, including crab-and-cheese appetizers, sweet breads, vegetables and dip and tons of desserts. Thank you to the wonderful women (and men) of Saint Barnabas who served a delectable and comforting lunch.

I'll be back Sunday. In the time between my mom's passing and her funeral, desperate for some cheer and normalcy, I started a bright, fun Christmas design. I'm also looking forward to going back to stitch nights at In Stitches.


November 04, 2011


Hi, all. I've missed posting here, but last Thursday I got the kind of phone call we all dread: my mom had collapsed at home and had been taken to the hospital. My sister and I rushed to Cape Cod to be with her and my dad.

She isn't going to make it, but we're spending as much time as we can with her at the hospital in Hyannis. She has a beautiful private room overlooking the harbor; we can see the boats going in and out. She would love the room if she were aware. The people at the hospital are the nicest, most competent, most compassionate professionals we've ever met, both in the ICU and in her current room. I can't believe how lucky we are to have received such treatment from such kind people.

Cape-themed art fills the walls of all of the floors, and I have spent some peaceful time gazing at the beautiful ceramics, paintings, weaving and photographs.

I have been working a little bit on Liz Easdon, on simple things that don't require much counting.

My parents' neighbors and friends, and the minister of their church have all been wonderful, and we're so grateful for everyone's kindness. I'm going to take a break from blogging, but I didn't want to just disappear.

Hug your moms.