November 24, 2013

Super Mojo

Hi, all! Whatever the opposite of no stitching mojo is, I have it. I want to stitch all day, every day, and it's frustrating me to have to do mundane non-stitching related things like going to work and going to the grocery store and actually having to prepare the stuff I bring home. I started this little motif last night as a break from the large sampler below. It's the Frances Eden sampler by Handwork. I'm stitching using my conversion to AVAS from the charted DMC on 40 count Lakeside Attic Lace.
Don't you love the colors in this? Lots of brick red and lots of green. Sort of Christmasy.
I was at In Stitches for Stitch Night last Wednesday, roaming around taking pictures of stuff as I do, when what did I see but the fully stitched version of this sampler, awaiting framing. I cannot tell you how beautiful it is IRL. The chart cover doesn't even hint at how vivid the colors are. Unfortunately I can't share photos of the finished project, as I haven't asked permission of the stitcher. The stitcher, who is known to me because he's a long-time prolific stitcher/customer of the shop and incredibly skilled with a needle, has stitched the model for the designer on 40 count, but also stitched it for himself on 50+ count Lakeside. The project is interesting in that most of it is stitched using reversible cross using one thread over three. The words are over two. Can't wait to get to work on it, but I'm holding off until Peaceful Paradise is complete and for Christmas day. It's Mary Johnson 1806 by Queenstown Sampler Designs. I believe I may have squealed when I saw the stitched sampler and the lovely shark.
Speaking of Christmas, sometimes it's fun to work a project like this, which aside from the fact that I like stitching Santas, is worked in DMC (and lots of beads) on 32 count antique white linen--two over two.
It's by Mirabilia, of course. I have also started another HAED Santa, but right now I'm working on endless navy blue background and there's nothing much to see. I will mention that I'm working on 30 count, 2 over 2, and that it will take most of the yard of fabric I'm using.
And here's where Peaceful Paradise stands. Thanks to the new Queenstown sampler, this will be finished in the next few weeks.
Elvis and I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! May your cups runneth over and may your stitching baskets runneth over as well!

November 10, 2013

What I Need is a Nap

Greetings, all! Long time no see--I've been busy and then sick and then busy and a bunny was sick, so there hasn't been much time or will to post. We had an early bout of the flu here in spite of the fact that I got the flu shot. Perhaps it was for a different flu, or it didn't have quite long enough to work before I got sick. Then Elizabeth got an infection, and we went to visit the exotic vet early one morning. They kept her all day, which is good, because the vet is near my job, and I was going to have to stash her in the litigation work room all day (the lawyers would not have found a bunny in the work room to be amusing). She's on the mend and so am I, and I've even been able to stitch a bit again. I haven't been able to focus, and I didn't want to start something new (although I have purchased the new oval Scarlet Letter sampler), so I'm all over the place in my stash. I won't show you the half dozen projects I picked up and stitched a line or a motif and zippered back into their project bags.

Ann Smith: I've been working on this for a long time. There is a LOT of over-one in it. Tons and tons of over-one. But I've made a little progress, and I do love the design and the bright colors.
Here's how she'll look when she's done.
Lois Minshall by Threads of Gold: I like this sampler, I really do, but it's a tad boring. But I'm soldiering on with it.
Here's how Lois will look when she's completed. Frankly, both these samplers feel like work.
"Christmas Garden" by Blackbird Designs. I've switched to overdyed silks from the charted overdyed cottons. Love the design, but this feels like work too right now. I think I need a smaller design, something more Christmasy than this; something with snow and sparkle and bling and red birds or chickadees or snowmen. Something. Maybe a nap instead.
It has turned cold and windy here, and I've been clothes shopping a few times but haven't found anything I like much. I bought some black pants. I have a lot of black pants, but that's what I wear most days. I can't find a top I like. Why does everything seem so cheesey and cheap? I do not have time to knit myself a sweater, but that's what I'd like to do, so that it's exactly what I want. The stores do not seem to sell what I want. I do not want to wear glittery tops in the daytime. I do not want a sweater with big paste gems on it. I do not want to wear something loud. I want something dignified, understated and plain in a good fabric. I found myself lingering in the bedding section, though, looking at the nice flannel sheets and the flannel comforter cover over the soft down comforter. I should have bought those. I did get some new thick socks to wear inside boots though. They're attractive, but I don't think they're going to last. Why is everything constructed to be retired or thrown away after a season?
Elvis: "I'm about to have a nap in this box. You could lie down on that sofa over there. You seem cranky."
Off I go to make a chicken pot pie. (Then I might have a nap while it's baking) Happy week ahead!