April 03, 2008

Just Three More Days of Vacation

Today I went here:

And bought these: (I'm just showing you two of the ones you may not have seen around--I had not). This is "Garden Flowers" by Stone & Thread. I don't think I've heard of Stone & Thread before, but I saw a couple of designs that I liked.

This is "Humbly Born" by Erica Michaels Needleart Designs. I like Christmas Samplers that are a little different.

I came home and did this. Note the cat on the arm of the chair and the one a few feet away on the floor. They're not interested in needlework; they want their dinner.

The chart on my lap translates to this on Bine's Neighborhood.

And I understand we're showing bunny noses on the bunny blogs. Here's Elvis' nose. "Don't beep my nose, or I'll bite you."


Vonna said...

Well it looks like you got some mighty fine stash there Glenna...I particularly like the Erica Michaels one. And that Elvis he's a winner isn't he? Cute :)

Jan said...

I almost went to InStitches yesterday myself, but I resisted temptation. We might have run into each other. My kitties do the same thing, often laying right on my floss :-)

staci said...

Really cute new patterns...and you've got little assistants to help you with them,LOL!

The Bunns said...

Elvis! You look positively Happy!!! Great schnoz too, boy!

Barbara said...

Elvis may be small in stature, but big in attitude! LOL!

Michelle said...

Cute new samplers!