August 16, 2006

Some Questions

Question from me to you: Can you tell what this is yet? Hint: this designer has a very distinctive style. In fact, this designer is distinctive for being a male in a field dominated by women. Sorry it's so bleached-out--flash.

Questions from the Bunnyman (out on a rare jaunt in the yard) to me: Hey! What happened to the rabbit family sampler? Why are you so fickle?

Question from me to myself: What the heck am I going to wear to work? I don't know about you, but I'm sick of my summer clothes. By this time of the summer, they all seem sort of limp and dull.

Bonus qustion: why does the evening go so fast? We rented Scary Movie IV and I stitched as we watched it. Thoroughly dumb movie with a few funny moments. The problem is that you have to have seen all the movies that it's spoofing, and I hadn't, so BF had to explain the joke in some cases.


Michelle said...

Still no clue what it is yet. Love the pic of your cutie in the tall grass! We watched Date Movie the other night, and DH hadn't seen most of the movies they were spoofing either, so I got to explain.

Anna van Schurman said...

I think I recognize it. But I can't find it. It's on the tip of my brain. In my pointed little head, god bless it.

Am I wrong to have ruled out Frank Bielec, Terry Nolan, and Mike Vickery?

catandturtle said...

What a handsome bunny, he looks like velvet.

Is the design by Mosey 'n Me? That's the only male designer I can think of. It looks neat whatever it is. Ann.

Carol said...

Love the bunny!

I also love, love, love summer clothes - no, I am not sick of mine :-)

Nini 17 said...

Hello, I discover in my turn your blog, and I see quite beautiful things there ! I did not recognize the designer... ;-)
Kisses of France!

Anonymous said...

I do wonder what the mystery piece will turn out to be. It's fun to watch it progress. I'm trying to decide what my next BIG project will be, I have a poll set up in my sidebar, I'd love it if you would vote. Thanks.