August 09, 2006

Sail On, Sail On, Sailor

Ever since I chose the title of this post, this Beach Boys' song has been running through my head. I've been listening to the Beach Boys a lot lately on XM radio, and while I grew up with the more famous and popular (California/surfer) tunes, they did a lot of stuff that was amazingly complex and timeless, and sounds fresh and contemporary now.

Many thanks to Michelle at Cozy Egg for posting about her dilemma on Bay Sampler by The Workbasket, which I pulled out of my UFO pile as a result. There's something about someone else working on a design that inspires me to get going on it, which is what I love about reading these blogs. Michelle, it looks like we're at about the same place in it. I had forgotten how colorful and satisfying the Silk 'n Colors (Thread Gatherer) were to work with. I don't have the same sail-color issue because I used a fabric that's a little darker, I think. In fact, I had worried that my fabric looked a bit muddy and blotchy--I would have preferred a clearer, lighter blue. I have to go to the LNS this weekend though and pick up a couple of the fibers I think they were out of one when I first kitted it up--although I seem to recall taking out one of the colors to use for something else. No doubt it's tucked away in some other project bag and I'll wind up with two. I hate when I do that.

Fish #1 says, "Avast ye mateys. Yo ho ho."
Fish #2: "What are you talking about? We're freshwater fish. From the Amazon. You wouldn't know a barrel of rum if it hit you on the head."
Fish #1: "Johnny Dep says it."
Fish #2: "You're no Johnny Dep."


The Queen's Stitch said...

When I saw your post,I thought, oh, she changed the brown sail to white. But no, I was remembering Michelle's. Looks great!

Suddenly I'm remembering beginning to stitch something with sailors for Max before he was born, I wonder what ever happened to that project ...

Michelle said...

Your Bay Sampler looks great - and your sail looks perfect on that fabric! We are about at the same place on this, so it will be fun to see your progress on it. Most of the brightly colored stuff is around the edges of the design, so I am looking forward to that - but I love these SNCs! LOL - you're no Johnny Depp - that got a good giggle out of me!

Stitch Wizard said...

Your Bay Sampler is really really pretty!! I was thinking, "oh there is Michelle who is working on this too", and then I read that she has also made a comment. You and Michelle both have wonderful taste as this sampler is really nice and looks so much like what summer is all about! Thank you for your nice comment about my Queen of the Needle Case I am working on. Maybe we should create a Magnolia sampler. It does sound like a good thought, and Magnolia, TX would probably apprediate it too.


lena-lou said...

Hi, I love this Bay Sampler as I really like nautical things...mmm I'll have to track the chart down!

Anonymous said...

Your Bay Sampler looks great. It will be fun to watch you and Michelle stitch it. :)

zoeandcooper said...

Cool..another stitcher in Northern VA. I am in Sterling.

Your Bay Sampeler looks wonderful. I love that piece!