August 27, 2006

No Grass Growing Under My Feet

I stitched on "Whale Hunting" yesterday and today. And discovered I needed to change something on the design: the grass is supposed to be done in tent stitch, and I can see the reasoning for it, but when I did it, it just didn't look right, so I frogged it all out and put in cross stitches instead. Too bad, because tent stitch is faster. This is not going to be a fast stitch--just too much ground to cover.

I read last week's SBQ several places, including on Carol's site: What do you keep your WIPs and other stitching supplies in when traveling?
I walk half a mile to the commuter lot then ride 40 miles (1-2 hours depending on traffic and weather) each way into DC to work, so I carry a lot with me every day on the bus. I put one or two projects into one of these plastic zippered bags (I have two sizes, although I'm showing just the large here), fold the ends and then tuck one into my backpack. Then I add a tiny purse, a comb, my bus tickets, subway card, portable XM radio, cell phone, my lunch, a magazine or book and in the winter, mittens, hat and spare socks. I load the backpack at night, so I don't have to look for the stuff in the morning. When I'm going on a car trip, I put the plastic bags into a couple of Vera Bradley bags. When I'm flying, I never check the needlework in my suitcase; lost clothing can be replaced, but what are you going to do if a half-finished WIP disappears? Tragic.


Anonymous said...

I love Whale Hunting, you didn't waste any time getting that started! It will be fun to watch you do this piece.

Michelle said...

Whale Hunting looks great! I love this design. Have you seen the While I Darn sewing case? I think I saw it at Stitching Bits and Bobs. Beautiful progress you're making so far!

Leah said...

I like you mesh bags. They look like a great way to store WIPs.