August 06, 2006

Fruit, Glorious Fruit

While putting my sewing/computer/craft/fish room in order today, I pulled out this UFO that I started last year on vacation. I had lots of chance to work on it then, because it rained the whole 10 days we were there (what did I expect of Western Scotland in the fall, after all?) Since we have been debating this year's upcoming vacation plans, it seemed a perfect time to stitch a bit on it. Maybe I'll take it with me this year too. It's the Vermillion Stitchery's "Glorious Fruit" done on (I think) 28 ct. Cashel Dirty Linen using DMC.

I bought some fruit at the farmers' market yesterday. These are damson plums, each one a bit larger than a marble. When cut open and pitted, they have an odd-looking greenish flesh that I was worried was unripe or would make an unattractive jam. Nope. Cooked up with the skins on, they turn a lovely shade of red. Three cups of damson pulp yielded these four jars of preserves. Last week I made blackberry jam; next week I'll make peach. DBF doesn't enjoy homemade preserves; his mother canned anything that wouldn't move. He used to joke that if his dad ever disappeared, it would be because she had put him in mason jars.


Sue said...

What beautiful colors in the UFO you rescued!!! Nice bright colors for when it's raining :)

catandturtle said...

Wow, that is quite a piece. How big is it finished? Nice colors in it.

The mason jar comment was funny. I have never tried to can anything but it looks like fun.

Annemarie said...

Ah, you picked up a UFO as well. Good for you. And such a nice one, too! The jam looks de-li-cious! Oh, and I think your G looks fab. I didn't like to stitch with overdyes, because I felt I had to finish each cross as I went along. Then I decided stitching was for fun, and started stitching the way you have done so far. It still looks good, and I'm having much more fun!