August 21, 2006

Black and White

[Edited this a.m. because Anna guessed correctly the designer of this series.] The art is by Emerson Quillin, needlearts adaptation by Ruth Sparrow Gendron of Twisted Threads. I'm stitching it with one strand of Sampler Threads Raven over one (and I have no idea what the linen is). It's a fun stitch with a cute punchline. I also would like to do the design where an aggrieved taxpayer asks the IRS agent: "And what did you do with all the money I gave you last year?"

Little Friend says, "You are always properly attired when you wear black and white."


Christine said...

your design begins to look well !

Anonymous said...

It's still a mystery to me.

And you seem to have a picture of one of my cats on your blog :). We named our cat Tux, because it looks like he is wearing a tuxedo.

Anna van Schurman said...

Emerson? Is it a "Listen Honey?"

catandturtle said...

Little Friend is so cute. she/he looks just like my Chester. I like the design you are stitching and the saying for the one you are thinking of (IRS). Ann.