August 15, 2006

Fear the Turtle

There's no escaping it--the shadows are getting longer, summer's moving along, and I'm headed back to school. I've taken some time off between degrees, but I'll be back at Maryland on September 5, as an accounting student this time. I need to take seven courses, after which I'm eligible to enroll in the Master's/CPA program at Virginia Commonwealth in Richmond. I'm looking forward to this as I'm planning to become a forensic accountant, but I'm sad that my free time is going to be squeezed again--there will be less stitching and probably less traveling as well. So I'm using these next few weeks to cram in all the stitching I can, as well as another trip to the Cape and the Brimfield antique show in Western Mass. during Labor Day week.

Since I'm driving--the better to haul home the spoils from the show--if anyone knows of any great needlework shops to visit in NJ/Conn/RI not too far from I-95/NJ Turnpike/Garden State Parkway, let me know. I think it'd be fun to break up the long drive with a stash-builder, don't you?

The turtle, by the way, is Maryland's mascot. In the interest of school spirit, I did a search for turtle samplers and didn't come up with anything thrilling. If the school's mascot were a ladybug, a bee or a rabbit, it would be easier! Here's some progress on La Famille Lapins, which is by Anagram Diffusion, stitched on 36 ct cream linen, over two, using The Thread Gatherer's Silk 'n Colors in "In the Burgundy":


catandturtle said...

Love the turtle! You are right, there are very few deigns with turtles in them. Maybe we need to design a few. :D The bunnies look marvelous. Ann.

Michelle said...

I love the turtle too!! Your bunny family is gorgeous in that color! Beautiful! Congrats on going back to school. What is a forensic accountant? Like a forensic anthropologist with money? : )

Anonymous said...

I love La Famille Lapins. I'm going to do "A Love Song" by Four Oaks Designs with SNC In The Burgundy's. I'm glad to see how it stitches up, it will be very pretty as yours is.