July 24, 2006

Planes and Trains and Automobiles: What I did on My (Two-Day) Summer Vacation

Friday I took a subway, a train, a shuttle bus, a plane, then a rental car, tore around for 48 too-brief hours, and reversed it all this morning, getting to work only one hour late even though I nearly had a heart attack when I realized that there were a few hundred people in line ahead of me at the security checkpoint at the Providence airport this morning--before 6 a.m. My heart went out to the poor man begging the security guards to allow him to jump the line since his flight was already boarding. They said "nope."

And Mom packed me a lunch for work! (Thanks, Mom!)

First we did this:

Then moved on to this garden: unbelievable.

If you look closely in the window of this house, there's a chair by the window to take advantage of the view of the gorgeous flowers (which is a commercial garden set in the front yard of a private home). I am hoping that whoever sits here has some needlework to do. (And that's the closest I can come to a needlework report today, since we didn't have much time for crafting--but I'll have some shots of WIPs and some progress to report next time.)

Some of these daylilies were $100 per plant--I never knew they could be that expensive. I was worried about tripping and inadvertently crushing something...

If you can't have the sun, here's the next best thing:

"Eeek! Did someone say harpoon?"

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catandturtle said...

Ah, lobstah (as we say up here in New Enlgand). Nothing beats lobstah in the summertime. Ann.