July 12, 2006

HoHRH and Mini Ladybugs

I've finally gotten started on the blogrolling, even though the heading looks a bit funky. There are so many blogs that I read regularly and which have inspired me to take up the needle more frequently, and haul various projects to work. I've been thinking that I need to buy some extra scissors and needles and whatnot and leave them in my desk so that I don't have to stuff them in my bag and tote them along. Not counting the extra stash I've bought, it's been kind of economical to stitch at lunch rather than go out. I pack a lunch now so that I don't waste time in line somewhere waiting for a sandwich, and now I'm not haunting Borders either, buying books and CDs and magazines.

Even so, I haven't got tons of results to show for my efforts. I've stitched a bit more on HoHRH, so it's progressing. And here's a picture of a really fun and intricate kit I bought (via the net) at The Silver Needle. I hadn't seen it anywhere else, and ran into it on their website. It's stitched over one on Glenshee Natural 32 count linen using DMC floss and Kreinik braid. There are about 5 sheets of stitching instructions and diagrams for these six tiny bugs. There are lots of blended threads, backstitching and fractional stitches, so even though the completed design is 4.7 x 4.1 inches, it will take as long to stitch this as it would a much larger project. It's fun, but you definitely need good light and rested eyes to do it! I love the folks at The Silver Needle too; they called after I placed my order to say that it would be delayed for two days so that I wouldn't worry about it. The designer of Mini Ladybugs I, Dimples Designs, apparently now has released Mini Ladybugs II also.


catandturtle said...

I am always amazed by men who stitch just because it is such a women dominated craft. I taught a linen class at my LNS a few months ago and a gentleman took it to have something to do with his hands during retirement. He didn't want to be eating all day. If only stitching kept me from eating. :)

Jenn said...

HHR is coming along nicely.

If you want help with blogrolling just drop me a line and I'll see if I can help you with it. (you can get my e-mail address from my blog)