July 25, 2006

Is it Real...or is it a Sampler?

After I visited my parents on the Cape, I pulled out my WIP of the Falmouth Sampler:

Now here's the picture that I shot from the Village Green:

Here's the picture (again) of the project:

And here's the real-life church in the left-hand bottom corner:

I'm glad Ms. Medeiros left the power lines out of the sampler.


Carol said...

Cool way that you showed the sampler and the real green!!! Awesome! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

What a great sampler and nice stitching. Do you have to be from Falmouth to stitch it? LOL.

catandturtle said...

That is so cool. I find it very inspirational to see the actual place a design was done after. Your piece looks great. I would love to see a picture of Little Friend. I love that name.