July 15, 2006

My (Work) Neighborhood

Here's a picture of my work neighborhood. The closest building with all the white chimneys (looks like something out of a Just Nan chart, or a Carriage House Samplings design, doesn't it?) is the Old Executive Office Building. The grove of trees just behind it are the trees on the White House lawn. Beyond that, in the background, is the Capitol. Our weather lately has not been outstanding (in fact, it's been a typically grumpy Washington summer), so here's a picture of the Washington Monument when the cherry blossoms were in bloom on a sunny day. Looks like the monument is wearing a tutu, doesn't it?

I work for Big Law. This is what Big Law does on Fridays:

And finally,

this is what I did on Friday. It's a Sheepish Designs sampler called "Kittys." It's being worked on 36 count R&R Reproductions Blackbird linen using Weeks Dye Works floss. I missed working on HoHRH (my usual neighborhood), but I had a bunch of other stuff to stick in my backpack, so I took something small and light to stitch.

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