July 09, 2006

Houses of Hawk Run Hollow

Here's the Houses of Hawk Run Hollow, which lately is preventing progress on much of my other needlework. There's the unfinished sweater languishing on the coffee table, cross stitch projects in bags, in cabinets, in drawers, overflowing the special containers I bought to contain them. The problem is, it's my enthusiasm that needs to be contained. Yesterday I went to my favorite LNS in Fredericksburg, Everything Cross Stitch, just to pick up a couple of skeins of the increasingly hard to find soie d'alger for HOHRH, and I came out with yet another project. I'll show you a picture of that later. Time for bed, I think.

The Bunnyman (shown here eating his favorite meal of spring dandelions; this picture was taken in early April) says "Goodnight! You should spend more time petting me and less time stitching..."

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