July 21, 2006

Cape Cod Girls, they Have No Combs/They Comb Their Hair with Codfish Bones

Cape Cod boys, they have no sleds/They slide down hills on codfish heads.

An artist has illustrated those lines wonderfully; I wish she would design a sampler for them!

I'm off to Cape Cod this weekend, to visit my parents. I'm bringing along HoHRH in case I have time to stitch over the two days. I'm hoping I can get a couple of pictures of Mom's WIPs (all knitting); she can be my "guest artist"--LOL. And I'm happy to say that the town my parents live in actually has a commemorative sampler. It's by Medeiros Needlecraft Design, and it's called "Falmouth Sampler," and it is one of my many WIPs (photos of my progress on it to follow next week):

It's a fairly faithful depiction of the area around the village green. I think Carol has relatives in Falmouth also. What the town needs though, is an LNS. I am particularly fond of the cranberry border, since I collect (surprise) cranberry-themed samplers. When I was a little kid, the Falmouth National Bank, which is on that same village green, used to have a big water cooler full of chilled Ocean Spray cranberry juice. Now that I know how one hand washes the other in the business world, I don't find it particularly amazing, because I'm sure OS was a bank customer, but at the time, I was simply thrilled at the prospect of going to the bank once a week (way before ATMs and drive-through windows and electronic banking) and having a Dixie cup full of free juice. I'm fairly certain the juice tasted better then too.

I bought this book to take on the plane. It's by the same author as The Simple Plan and it looks terrific, about a vacation gone quite horribly, frighteningly awry:

I'll leave you with my latest progress on HoHRH:

Have a good weekend, everyone!


Carol said...

Yep! My brother, SIL and nieces are off to Falmouth for two weeks tomorrow morning (Saturday) - to visit SIL's parents.... now, how did you remember that? Have a great time! I think they are picking up more of the pretty Cape Cod jewelry (bracelet, earrings??) for me for my birthday again this year - SIL called today to make that was OK - LOL!!!

Carol said...

PS- I have that Medeiros chart too :-) Love it!

Anonymous said...

Your stitching looks great and I love the Falmouth Sampler.

Hope you have some time to stitch on HOHRH.