May 04, 2008

Wooden Ships

I picked up this WIP this week: The Workbasket's "Bay Sampler." The fiber is The Thread Gatherer's Silk and Colors. I'm glad I kitted it up then (about four years ago; the thread has gone up about 70% since then--yikes. Which leads me to think, since needlework supplies have performed better than many stocks, it may be a very good investment. So tell your Significant Others that "it's not my stash, it's my hedge against inflation.").

Here's a picture of the Marine Biological Laboratories in Woods Hole, Cape Cod (courtesy of When I was a kid, my dad worked for the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. So did a lot of my friends' dads. I thought it was normal to go to work in shorts and sandals, to muck about in marshes and tidal flats, to go out to sea on ships and come back with core samples from undersea trenches. When I was about ten, I negotiated with my parents to attend Vacation Marine Biology School instead of Vacation Bible School. Consequently, I know a great deal more about sea urchins and copepods than about religion. And working in an office, wearing shoes and proper attire seems awfully restrictive.
Quite of few people who lived in our area decorated around things they found at the beach or the stuff the scientists brought home from their expeditions: Japanese glass float balls, strung in nets; shark teeth; whale jaws; gigantic lobster shells from 5-10-pound lobsters (now a rarity, sadly--they used to be common enough); containers of sea urchin shells, dried starfish, jingle and boat shells.

For some reason, putting half-ships on buildings is big on the Cape. I know I've seen more. I'll have to look for them when I go visit my parents in a couple of months.


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I love your stitchy project! And the ships and all on the buildings is quite interesting!

staci said...

Love the pics! Ships in buildings, that's quite a novelty to this land-locked Coloradoan!!!

Carol said...

Ooooo, Bay Sampler looks fantastic!

Barbara said...

OMG, your remark about stash being an investment made me howl! We're currently in a bit of financial tight place due to a decision DH made a year ago (that certain parties warned against!) which now has me on the wagon till the cows come home.

Bay Sampler looks fantastic, and I would much rather go to marine summer school than Bible summer school! LOL!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Woo Hooo - what a life ... down to the sea in ships!

(My Dad worked for the Post Office :<()

FrecklesandDeb said...

We'll have to get ourselves some of that thread "hedge against inflation!" Much prettier than plain old stock certificates, too!

Love the ship emerging from the building picture! We love going to the beach, but ours is the good old Pacific Ocean. (My dad was an accountant -- suits and briefcases for him!)