May 10, 2008

Spring, Sprang, SPRUNG

Today was the last day of the spring semester. Summer semester starts the day after Memorial day. To celebrate, I stopped by one of my LNS on the way to lunch with my sister (Happy Birthday, Sis!) to see if I could find this--"Mr Collins' Humble Abode," by the Stitching Parlor. I did not (I could always buy it through an OLS, but I try to do my part to keep local shops viable.)
This is the way it goes: on one visit I'm complaining that I feel everything out there feels stale; the next visit I find 5 things I want to buy.
This was such a visit. I bought this one, called "Dorothy's Garden," by A Stitcher's Hand. I am not kitting it up all at once because it calls for Au Ver a Soie silks. I bought the first half dozen, although oddly, AVAS fibers are not as expensive as many of the other European brands. I bought more charts, too, which I'll show you another time, along with some ebay wins I've had including some nice French charts.

I haven't done much other than study lately, so there's been just a bit of stitching on Lemon Tree Sampler.

It has poured here, and all of a sudden the flowers have popped out in my borders. Here are some pretty irises. I like the streaky white marks--they make the regular blue irises look almost plain.

I gave Elvis a little haircut; his fur has gotten so long that it flopped in his eyes. He seems to enjoy being able to see again, although he does not like to be fussed over. It's a little lopsided and the part over his nose looks like a pompom. I'll have to even it out a bit as the left side is still too long.
"I'm so embarrassed."


Rabbits' Guy said...

ELVIS .. Wha happen boy????

They got places out here sell one iris tuber or whatever it is (rhizome?) for $50!

We just have the plain ones!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Hi ya Elvis! What did mom do to you? LOL!

Barbara said...

I think Elvis looks cute. ;)

Hey, those are some lovely charts - I'll look forward to seeing your other French wins, too!

Jan said...

Elvis, Dude, love the hare (ha ha).