May 12, 2008

Ca Pisse (It's pouring)

It has been raining for days. We got six inches last night alone. Because roads were closed, traffic was snarled, it was cold and windy and wet and I was worn to a nub, I called in sick today, then went back to bed and had a three-hr. nap. Is there anything better than catching up on sleep while it pours?
I promised a picture of one of my ebay French charts. This is from Reflets de Soie, called Ann Mitchell 1801. It's charted for Soie d'Alger on 40 count "Pearled Barley de Lakeside Linen." The verse in the top center is in French, which makes it an interesting change from my regular samplers. I like how tiny the house is compared to the urns of flowers, and how a bunch of sheep are squashed into the lower right corner.

I spent some time today stitching Lemon Tree.

My boss is having a baby in November. I thought I would make this little blanket. It's from "Simply Baby: 20 Adorable Knits for Baby's First Two Years," by Debbie Bliss. I'll get the yarn that's called for: Baby Cashmerino, a blend of merino wool, microfiber with some cashmere--very soft. It's even machine washable! I was dithering about driving down to the yarn shop this afternoon and decided against it.

Monday bunday--Pink: "You should see Monsieur Le Pompadour, now that Mom's finished with his haircut." Elvis: "Merde!"


Barbara said...

Yeah, sleeping while it's pouring out is a GREAT feeling! :D Glad you could catch up on your rest.

That's a lovely chart you won - congratulations!

blueridge115 said...

Ohhhh Mental Health Day!!! I love it!

FrecklesandDeb said...

The French sampler is charming.

We think Elvis looks quite handsome with his new haircut.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

The french sampler is quite lovely1 Glad you got to sleep in a bit. How handsome Pink and Elvis look!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Hiya Pink! Lookin' good! Elvis ... be patient, it'll grow out!

How on earth do you ever do all those projects? They are so pretty, and so many! Are there six of you?