May 18, 2008

Making Lemonade

More work on Lemon Tree. Can you believe I've actually stuck with something this long? On the other hand, you're probably tired of seeing it inch along. Never fear: I'll be showing you pictures of Bine's RR later this week--I've got to get going on that. Frog alert: note that the urn on the left side of the door is three rows higher than the one on the right side of the door. Sigh.

Yesterday I went to get my early-summer kickoff pedicure, even though I don't enjoy it. First of all, the whole idea makes me a bit queasy, and I don't particularly like strangers touching me. Cutting my hair is ok, because hair is sort of apart from one's body. Hoping for an astringent rather than a crunchy or lotion-y experience, I opted for the citrus bath. (Other choices were the coffee bath or the cucumber bath. What is it with soaking the feet in food products?) I was expecting a squirt of some citrusy liquid in the water to simulate the citrus experience, but no--the pedicure woman went into the back room and reappeared with a bowl of quartered lemons and limes, which she dumped into the foot bath water. Then she turned on the jets and allowed my feet to marinate in the mixture. I was working on Lemon Tree (squealed the pedicurist: "My GRANDMOTHER does that!") and I was concentrating on not dropping the chart, the fabric or the scissors into the water. The fruit pieces brushed and bumped against my feet and ankles offputtingly, reminding me of what I don't enjoy about swimming in the ocean. Then the feet were washed and dried and pummeled and buffed and scrubbed and loofahed and finally given a green masque. (From the pedicurist: "Look! Incredible Hulk feet!") Then the nails were trimmed and filed and a couple of layers of paint and shellac later, I had pretty pink nails, and I shuffled off in her toe spacers and disposable flipflops to do some more embroidery at home.
Pink, who has claws like a bear, needs a mani-pedi. Pink: "And I'd like to have my nails painted pink also, just like Granny's."

"He is a pink dummy."


Twana said...

I'm enjoying watching lemon tree inch along. It looks nice!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I am enjoying watching progress on your lemon tree! I am with you on the strangers touching me. I could never have a professional massage. No thank you! Ick! LOL! Love the funnies with the "Bunny Boys"

Barbara said...

Um, if you don't like pedicures ... why do you get one? ;) It's probably terribly obvious but I'm missing it. LOL.

I had a manicure and "fake" nails done for my wedding 5 years ago, and I really disliked the experience. Like you, I am not too keen on being touched, particularly by people who don't know me. I tried a facial once, and it took every bit of my willpower not to bolt for the door!

Erica said...

Ha! I am laughing out loud! I totally identify with your manicure treatment!
I have to force myself to go just to get haircuts! I put it off just as log as I can! What is it with those people!?! Do they give them "insensitivity" training?
I also hate going to buy makeup, when you get..."Well dear at your time of life you really should be paying more atention to your skin.... now buy $500 worth of my worthless products!

staci said...

That last comment made me laugh out loud ;)

My feet are so ticklish that I have never had a pedicure (by someone else) and probably never will!!!

Rabbits' Guy said...

That is going to be a pretty one when finished ... bummer about the urn ... that is the way I trim the bushes flanking the front door!

Elvis boy ... just let Pink do as women do .. you sing the songs!!!