July 07, 2008


This past weekend was blur of schoolwork, so I didn't feel like the vacation had started until this morning, when the alarm did NOT go off at 5:15. I slept all the way to 8:30, and it did me so much good to get the extra sleep.

The painters arrived at about 9:30 to get started on this vacation's list of fix-ups (I do this each vacation--it's kind of a pain, but nice when they're done. It bothers me that I can't do some of this stuff myself, but with the job and school there's simply no time. And in any case, they do a much better job than I could.) Here's a before shot of the kitchen. We're having the border removed (the previous owners installed it, and whatever they used, let's just say that if a tornado came through and took down the house, the border would still be standing.) Note the hole in the top of the wall. That's the leftover from Pink's big plumbing adventure. We've waited all this time to get it fixed, knowing we were going to paint anyway, and frankly, the scary thing is that we stopped even seeing it after a while. My counters normally aren't that clutter free, but I figured the painters might prefer not to work around my big bowl of rotting plums.

I'm finally getting to stitch a bit (ahhhhhh....), so here's a snap (thanks, Edgar, for bringing back that word) of Peaceful Paradise.

And a surprise for the buns: we're having the carpet pulled up in the bunny room and a hard surface installed, which I'll cover with inexpensive rubber-backed rugs from Target. The bunnies enjoy the wall-to-wall, and they pull out the fiber twists with their teeth and deposit them in little piles. Then they pull the carpet away from the tack strips along the wall and dig down through the padding. !!!! Argh! So hopefully, this newest installation will be better for my piece of mind, and also better for them, since I'll be able to set up a big "fenced" courtyard in front of their cages. They don't enjoy being caged, even though I've doubled the cages, so they should be happier.

"Elvis does all of it!"


bunnygirl said...

Tidbit did the same thing with our wall-to-wall at our apartment. Luckily we lived there long enough they were going to replace the carpet anyway because she dug right down to the wooden baseboards.

It's pretty amazing how determined a cute little bunny can be. I know I wouldn't want to tackle that kind of job with only nails and teeth!

I hope the new rugs work better. Grass mats are good too, although the don't last long with buns around.

Barbara said...

I actually DID laugh out loud at your comment about the workmen not wanting to work around your bowl of rotting plums. I'm so glad that mine is not the only fruit bowl that occassionally holds "iffy" fruit. ;)

What hard flooring will you put down in the bunny room? We've noticed that cork is a bad choice as it stains incredibly quickly from even the slightest contact with bunny urine. :( Max's bedroom floor is going to require a creative use of throw rugs when he moves out of it.

d. moll, l.ac. said...

I was wondering about the clutter free counters, thanks for clearing that up. Tyler and Sydney like grass matting because they can eat it, of course then they don't last, but a snack is never far away. It is awfully nice that you are remodeling for the rabbits, too.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Now we all know Pink is a model of perfect bunny boy behavior!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Ain't it grand how a couple of bunnies can get the whole joint cleaned up and remodeled!!!!

There are a few places here that we don't notice any more too ... probably accounts for strange looks from visitors.

Speaking of clutter=free .. did ya see DivaKitty Mum's new fridge???

furrybutts said...

OK, I am officially inspired to clean up my kitchen after seeing your pic :p

Annemarie said...

That's quite a kitchen you've got there, Ma'am!
Love your work on 'Peaceful Paradise'.