July 19, 2008

The Oysters of Longhorn

Have you seen this? It's from the Stitching Parlor, and it's called the Daughters of Longbourn (from Pride and Prejudice). My LNS labeled the fabric as being for the Daughters of Longhorn; for some reason it's rattling around in my head as the Oysters of Longhorn. Silliness--I'm tired and should go to bed early tonight, but I've been working on a term paper today on qui tam (whistleblower) litigation and have been pushing to get a fair amount done this weekend. That paper is the reason I've gotten a good bit of stitching done also--procrastination. Anyway, DoL is the first in a series of five samplers. I've kitted it up, although I'm deep into "Charlotte Clayton," "Peaceful Paradise," Deb's Neighborhood RR and the usual cast of unfinished characters.

Here's Charlotte so far. I did change to 32 count fabric to make it easier on my eyes, but I got lucky and found a piece of Lakeside linen very similar to the pretty cut I received from Attic Needlework when I ordered the project. The colors in this project are a bit odd, I think, as were the colors in the original. I have a few reservations about it--it was recharted with great skill from the original, which is an amazing bit of work, but I'd have to say I like contemporary interpretations of samplers, with their crisp designs and large assortment of complementary colors, a bit better. We'll see--it is interesting--even if I don't like all the colors that well (and gee, there's a lot of red and pink in it).

The buns have bonded finally after eight months. A few weeks ago I noticed a thaw in their relations: less peeing on each other and more nuzzling. When we moved them to the bathroom while their room was being refloored, they completed the bonding (shared stress perhaps), and became the best of friends. They snuggle together when they nap and groom each other when awake.

"I'm glad he's stopped peeing on my head."

Speaking of bonding, Scratchy and Shy Tabby are the best of napping friends. She snuggles in, and he puts one arm over her; we're not sure why. Affection? He's got to find someplace to put his elbow when she crowds in so close? (Note the needlework project bags to the right of them.)


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Awww, all is well in kitty and bunny land! Such love and affection!

bunnygirl said...

It's so sweet the way animals can be so affectionate with each other. One wonders why so many people think only humans have this quality.

Barbara said...

Totally cute furbaby pictures!!

Good luck with your stitching. I know what you mean about the odd colors in repro samplers, but when they're done it's like everything suddenly works together. ;)

Anonymous said...

Cute snaps of the "kids". It's so nice when there's harmony. I'm hating life with this IT Sec class...can't wait for mid-August.

d. moll, l.ac. said...

Congrats on bonding buns. Shared stress can certainly help, I was advised to put my tow in the carrier and walk around with it like they were in a car, then put them together in the tub (no water). Yes, Elvis having your head peed on can contribute to a bad hair day, for sure.

Itching To Stitch said...

I love the Daughters of Longbourn piece. Your bunnies and kitties are cute ;)