July 10, 2008

Sugar Magnolia

It has been not a perfect vacation (that would be mild weather, sleeping late every day, no workmen, no homework, housework that is light and stitching nearly every minute), but it has been close, and much has been accomplished in the last few days. I took two midterm exams, gathered the materials for a paper due in two weeks, shepherded a few workmen through some successful repairs and updates, stitched at least some of the time, did errands and cleaned through days of thunderstorms and downpours and blistering, muggy heat, tended my flowers and my vegetables and took some pictures along the way. Oh, and bought a great needlework project, that at this moment should be winging its way to me. Speaking of which, it seems that Charlotte Clayton, although her sampler was stitched in 18--something, anticipated passenger flight. Note the airplane behind the cat on this closeup of one of her motifs. Cue the spooky music. Or is it a bird? You decide.

Tomorrow I fly off to Cape Cod, and I plan to visit Cranberry Cross Stitch (Cranberry Stitch? It's in my purse, along with the directions) once I land in Providence. I'm looking forward to checking out and doing Cape Coddy things. My list of to-do's is short: take lots of pictures, eat some seafood (maybe a lobster salad roll but definitely a stuffed quahog), watch my mother swim at the beach (she loves to; I don't), visit the little town center and take in the sight of summer tourists, have an ice cream cone, encourage my father to fire up the grill (do you notice how much of this trip is eating?). Maybe I'll blow up the inflatable kayak and take it to the end of the street and paddle the tidal inlet, although I doubt it--I always mean to and then I don't. Maybe walk to photograph the gardens that grow so well in the brilliant sunshine (all that reflection off the water) and the fog. Maybe walk to the seafood seller on the harbor bridge and buy a carton of quahog chowder. Mmmmmmm. And hopefully stitch a little on the screened porch while the sea breeze blows. Not a bad thing to do with the last weekend of my vacation, even if I am reluctant to leave home and all my projects.

Here's my stitching on Peaceful Paradise, which I did a little more on while I waited at the doctor's office to have my blood pressure medication refilled. It might be the vacation, or the stitching, but my bp has never been lower at the doctor's office.

This is the dining room, by the way. Here's the before picture with the border of noisy magnolias and the burgundy lower wall. You hardly notice the chair rail because the color and border overpowers it.

Here's the after picture, with simpler colors. The green here is fairly close but not quite true to life. It's sort of a sagey, silvery green, very peaceful. (We were scared it was going to turn out minty looking, but it didn't.) I have the perfect sampler for it, nearly done, which when I can find it, I'll finish.

No computer where I'm going, so I'll post and visit when I get back next week. Have a lovely weekend.


Anna van Schurman said...

Yes, it's an airplane. Enjoy your tip!

XmaryX said...

Cranberry Cros stitch is open until 5:00 pm on Fridays.
That does look like an airplane, doesn't it?
I love the sage green color in your dining room; it looks very classy and calming.
Enjoy your trip!

bunnygirl said...

Have a great time on the Cape! I haven't been in several years and I'll be envying you, so have fun!

Barbara said...

I do love your new dining room color scheme. That grayish/silvery green is one of my favorites. Sadly DH thinks it's ugly.

Most certainly an airplane there in the background. Just LOVE that cat!!

Jennifer said...

I'm so jealous - I wish I was going to the Cape. You are duty bound to enjoy it as much as possible on behalf of those that can't go. :-)

I love the new dining room - it looks quite colonial (and very elegant)

d. moll, l.ac. said...

I think it is a plane, too. Look closely on the rest of of the piece you might find a spaceship. Have a great trip, I have never been to Cape Cod.....but the food sounds fabulous.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Yum .. let's eat! We'll all be in the nice dining room waiting for you to get back!!!!

Keri said...

That dining room is gorgeous!

I'm here for a visit after loving the comment you made at Mary's place (Miz S). I laughed and nodded and just generally found you very agreeable. ;D

So I had to come for a visit. And there you are. Off on a trip. Enjoy!

Annemarie said...

Hope you enjoy your vacation!
Love the new look of your dining room.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Nope .. no campfire ghost stories ... the boss won't allow it. The kids are too young and all are sleeping out in tents or under the stars, and she wants them sleeping!!! There was a band of coyotes very close this night and kept several campers much a wake!

Tanya said...

Oh I love the room look! Enjoy your trip.