July 08, 2008

Admiring Feelings of a Graceful Lady

So this is all Sue's fault. She forwarded the atticneedlework.com newsletter, they of the tasty and original charts, since my spam filter does away with it, possibly for my own good. This is called Charlotte Clayton, and it mostly has animals on it. Love it, love it. With just a bit more hair, which I might be able to arrange, that bunny looks a bit like Elvis. When's the last time you saw a spotted bunny on a sampler, hmmmm? That Charlotte must have been a fine and graceful lady.

This arrived in the mail yesterday from ABC Stitch--Cinderella. I've not seen a good picture of it yet, although I fell in love with the pumpkin coach in the center. I'm not sure about a couple of things: mostly I don't enjoy stitching people, although I've stitched a pretty good number of them lately. The motifs are a bit far apart, although that makes it interesting. But I can't SEE the darn thing; the original chart comes with a copied, fuzzy picture. I prefer it when the charts come with a nice unphotocopied photo, or better yet, a large four-color cover so you can see the details. All the same, it has an original, sweet but nutty vibe to it that I like. And I've noticed that other stitchers are buying this, so I'll look for their progress before I commit to the thread.

I stayed in with the workmen today, stitching happily. BF is mystified about my ability to enjoy hardly leaving the house other than for a quick shopping trip here and there. I accomplished this--a closeup of the top of Peaceful Paradise.

When the workmen were gone I drove out to check out the World Market. Do you have one of these? It's a chain that stocks a variety of international goods, some familiar, and some unfamiliar, many from poor countries, which makes the goods reasonably priced. I saw this candy and had to photograph it. In case you can't read the label, it says: "Its translucent color so alluring and taste and aroma so gentle and mellow offer admiring feelings of a graceful lady." That's a lot to ask of a gummi candy. There are purple ones with different, purple prose, which I'll show you next time.

So the flooring guys, after pulling up the rabbit-damaged carpet, announced that it was too damp today to install the floor; they were getting a high reading on their whatchamacallit moisture meters. Main floor guy claimed it was the carpet itself, although I had scrubbed the walls earlier, and it's very humid here; there were no marks or stains on the subfloor, possibly because of the expensive pet padding we'd bought (plastic on one side). In fact, he was rather snide about the whole thing. He recommended painting Killz on the floor to kill any odor (what odor? I really can't smell it, perhaps because I'm used to it), so we enlisted the painters to do that. They're quite happy with our business, even if Floor Bozo isn't! Anyway, the floor is now scheduled for next week. "Someone else will come," says Floor Bozo, "because I can't." "Thank goodness!" I said heartily. I think it went over his head, along with the assorted bats and moths that flew out of my hairdo. Sigh. Ok, so I'm a bit eccentric, but it seems in these lean times that one would treat a paying customer a bit better, doesn't it?
Anyway, here's Elvis, relocated to the bathroom with Pink (and the door to the toilet securely shut). Elvis is thrilled that he's finally on a sampler, although he's wondering why he has to share the glory with various cats and birds.


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Is Elvis in all that lovely hair somewhere? LOL! He is such a handsome boy and so is Pink.

Jennifer said...

I like the idea of the Cinderella sampler, but I'm not so sure I'm a fan of this execution of it. The spacing just seems weird to me.

We used to live about 15 minutes from a World Market, but they clearanced everything out and closed up shop 2 months ago. Too bad - I was getting my sugar free vanilla syrup there at a decent price.

d. moll, l.ac. said...

Love the spotted rabbit. We have World Market here, it's where get our sea grass matting, Tyler and Sydney LOVE to eat it and dig it, especially after it has been aged.

Amy-and-Fez said...

Thank Goodness is right! You should have let Elvis leave some doots in his shoes!

Amy-and-Fez said...

Jack wanted me to tell you, that if SHE ever meets you, she will bite you!
I will say, I know her name is Jack, which is confusing, she came to me named as her previous owners thought she was a male. She is certainly a Queen Diva, I have yet to meet a male bunny that has such attitude.

Jan said...

World Market is great for finding salt free spices and sugar free items. I love the sugar free caramel syrup. Dice up some apples, pour on some of the syrup, a little Splenda then nuke it in the microwave. It's like having hot caramel apples, but sugar free.

Barbara said...

Nearly wet my pants when I read your line about the various bats and moths that flew out of your hairdo. LOL!!! Seriously, I have that feeling sometimes, when people have these mysteriously weird reactions to me. Am I so weird? But whatever the case, your Floor Bozo needs reminding that the client is always queen. ;)

Barbara said...

Oops, greets to Elvis. Don't tell him I forgot to say that in the original comment! (Wouldn't want to hurt his feelings, as he already has to share the limelight with various cats and birds!)

XmaryX said...

Hi Glenna-
I LOVE the Charlotte Clayton, and love the IDEA of the Cinderella, but agree with others' comments that the spacing is a bit...off? Have you seen "And A Garden Grew" by Rosewood Manor? It's a wee bit similar to these two you've found.
Happy trails on your trip thru Middleboro- I had written Cranberry Crosstitch's hours on a scrap of paper to send you but can't find it now. I know she's open until 3:00 pm Saturday, but I'm not sure about Friday- maybe until 5:00? I can check tomorrow night. It would be nice to meet you, but alas, I have to work Friday. Make sure you tell Deb that "Mary the Bitch" sent you! (running joke I started at the store)