March 09, 2008

Sleeping with My Head in the Sink

I have a job interview in Richmond this week and I decided to have my hair spruced up, trying to appear a little less loony than I am, so off I went to the hairdresser yesterday afternoon. I was tired, so while the hair dye did its magic, I sat in a comfy salon chair at the hair-washing sink, nodding off over my needlework. One of the shampooers suggested that I might like to take a nap with my head in the sink bowl and my neck propped up on a rolled-up towel. The chair and sink are angled just right so that it's more comfortable that you'd expect. My hair turned out well, and I left the salon rested--well worth the money. Before I fell asleep I worked a bit on this, so it was an altogether productive two hours:

Here's a little shot from the "pear cam." The bradford pear in front of my house is beginning to blossom. (To all of you who got snow in the last day or so, I thought this might cheer you up.) I'll show a picture of this branch from time to time over the next few weeks. The cherry trees in DC are beginning their show also; as usual, the trees around the office buildings where it's warmer are starting out first. Cherry blossom time makes me cringe: it attracts huge crowds and jams the highways, adding a half hour or more to my commute at night. The trees are pretty but just not worth it, as far as I'm concerned. There was a beaver or family of beavers one year who were doing a lot of damage to the trees. Frankly, I was pulling for the beavers, but the Park Service trapped them and carried them off to somewhere else.

Chester: "Dude! You should dye that white hair; it makes you look old!"


Barbara said...

If I could find a hairdresser who'd let me nap during the process, I would NEVER cheat on her with a cheaper hairdresser. What a treat that would be! :)

Love the tree blossoms. I think I'll steal your idea and post piccies of our apple trees as they begun to bud.

GREAT stitching!

sparrow's song said...

Wonderful needlework. There is such a satisfaction in seeing the beautiful works of our hands come to fruit.

I absolutely love your bunnies!!! We had one briefly but he, ahem, wet everywhere and chewed furniture.

A pleasure to meet you.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Thanks for the bunny pix! Hope the job deal goes well. Spring ... ahhhhhh.

Wendy said...

Great way to get your hair done and catch up on some zzz's at the same time!

A glimpse of spring...very refreshing!

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

You and that bunny are too funny!! I've snoozed at the hairdresser many a time...we have to take it wherever we can get it!
Your stitched sampler is looking fabulous!
Love ya,

Annemarie said...

Oh, I'm definitely in the same state whenever I visit my hairdresser. They throw in a scalp massage for free, and they play music that could best be described as audio-anaesthesia, so I'm always snoozing my way through an appointment at the hairdresser's :o)
I just love your Peaceful Paradise!