February 13, 2008

Pink's Meme

My name is Pink, and I've borrowed this meme from Rabbits' Guy:1. Favorite songs:
Every morning the clock radio goes off and it's playing country, so we hear Kenny Chesney's "Don't Blink" which makes mom teary-eyed. It's about how fast 100 years can pass in a human life. Huhn. Think how fast 10 years goes in a rabbit's life! To her, it's a sad song; to me, it's breakfast time! We also like Southern Rock (Lynard Skynard and the Allman Bros.) and classical violin and bluegrass fiddle ('cause Mom plays the fiddle when she's not fiddling with her needlework) and stuff from the 70s.
2. Favorite toys:
Anything when it's brand new for about 2 minutes. I like pinecones a lot and chew them down to a nub. Also the woodwork. What? It isn't mine?
3. Favorite Food:
Timothy hay and brome grass and meadow mix, and crunchy rabbit junk food and my greens and sometimes a bit of orange.
4. Favorite activities:
Decorating. Undecorating. Redecorating. Sorting through Mom's magazines and peeing on them. Right now I'm taking aim on a form 1040. Then I rip out all the pages. Rrrrrrip. My favorite sound. Also the thing with the woodwork. And squeezing under the dresser like Houdini and peeing there!

5. Bad Habits: All the things in #4. Someday I'm going to be the president and CEO of this company:


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Pink, you are quite the boy! And very handsome too!

Miz S said...

Pink, you're mom must be really talented. She cross-stitches AND plays the fiddle! Damn!

Also, I am fond of Lynard Skynard, too. Do you sing along really loud to "Sweet Home Alabama?"

One more thing, Pink, then I'll sign off. Don't your mom's cats want to eat you up mmmm mmmm good?

Get back to me on that one, 'kay?

Michelle said...

Too funny!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Pink ... there are a bunch of bunnies here in The House of Rabbits who want jobs when you take over the company. I can put in a good word for them. Plus .. they are all cupcakes!!!!

Unfortunately, we like Neil Young!

Crafty Green Poet said...

I like a rabbit with ambition!