February 13, 2008

A Long and Winding Road

It's been a wearying week already. My bus, which picks me up two blocks from the White House, sat still for over an hour Monday night as firemen and police scurried to and fro, shutting streets down. Why? Who knows? Maybe someone left a lunch bag on the sidewalk. And in the waning days of this administration, there seem to be more frequent motorcades than ever before, all of which seem to occur during rush hour (are they taking someone home every day or are they going out to get pizza?) which shuts down the streets and intersections and screws up traffic. Grrr. I'm not political--too many years of living in the government's armpit have convinced me that they're all a scary piece of work out for themselves, regardless of party, but I can say that the WH is not a very good neighbor.

Then last night we had freezing rain and it took five hours to get home. There were a fascinating number of accidents and people turned every which way on the highway. Thank goodness for having a bathroom on our commuter bus, although I'll grouchily point out that there wasn't enough light to stitch or read by. I've got to remember the clip-on light. It makes the q-snap awfully heavy, though. Then there was the dubious pleasure of chipping/shaving/hammering the coating of ice on the car in the commuter lot and then picking my way home oh-so-carefully. Normally we can't complain about the weather here--Saturday was shirtsleeve weather--but every now and then we get an unpleasant tidbit of what the rest of the country endures. Here's kind of what it looked like, only with lots more cars (I could stitch a whole bunch of red tail lights around that cabin, and it'd look about right).

This is a tiny design by Funk & Weber Designs that I picked at the Scarlet Thread on Saturday. It calls for DMC floss (3 colors) on black 32 count Zweigart.

Since I felt thoroughly growly and the roads were still icy this a.m. and I have a lot of leave built up, I took today off. I worked on this. I finished the Rabbits! block and started in on April's Taxes! block. And I worked on Peaceful Paradise some as well--pictures later this week. I highly recommend PP for anyone wanting a really pretty stitch--the chart picture doesn't do it justice.


Rabbits' Guy said...

Oh for that cozy cabin ....

Barbara said...

I'd hate to work near the White House, or any place like that. When I live in The Hague, they'd sometimes block off streets around some of the embassies ... a big hassle.

Michelle said...

Love that Cabin piece you picked up - and Rabbits! looks great!

Jen Funk Weber said...

DC traffic--ICK! I grew up in MD and have family in MD and VA (either side of DC), so I can picture what you describe very well here. I laughed out loud when you suggested tail lights all around the cabin. I would love to see that stitched!

I'm flattered you like the pattern. I hope you enjoy stitching it as much as I did. I'm glad you made it home safely.


Jen Funk Weber
Funk & Weber Designs