February 21, 2008

Let's Dance by the Light of the Moon

Sue emailed me a copy of Attic Needlework's newsletter today which showed some new projects by Primitive Traditions. There is a wonderful chart of Nantucket, which Sue and I like a lot (since we both come from that neck of the woods), but which is $180 because it comes with a sewing chest. It's called Sarah Elliot's Sewing chest, and the price is before the stitcher's half of linen or any of the threads (which are not silk, at least). I'm disappointed because I'd buy it in a minute except for the cost of the chest, which I really don't want. I don't do needlebooks, caskets and smalls, because I prefer to have a picture to hang on the wall when I'm done. And I'm wondering why any needlework designer would choke off sales of an otherwise wonderful chart (during a recession) by offering it so expensively bundled. One possibility, I suppose, is the buzz generated by the high cost of the project. I've complained in the past of the expense of adding beads and buttons that may or may not add anything to a design! Hopefully it's temporary and she'll offer it as a chart alone and leave the option of purchasing the whole deal to those who like such things. In any case, she offers charts of other subjects, also beautifully designed. Here's one of them that I'll definitely buy (picture borrowed from Attic Needlework). It's called "Let's Dance by the Light of the Moon" and it's charted for 40 ct Lakeside linen.

This was a particularly appealing and timely chart (and I note that it has a pair of bunnies on the lawn), considering I ran around last night shooting pictures of my house and neighborhood by the light of a very bright moon. A brief snowstorm had just blown itself out, and a startlingly bright moon and stars appeared. I didn't discover until today that I missed getting pictures of a lunar eclipse by about an hour!


Barbara said...

Both the designs you mention are ones that also appealed tremendously to me. I nearly fainted when I saw the price of the one including the box. Yikes!

Couldn't see the eclipse here for all the clouds.

Vonna said...

The Nantucket one appealed to me as well....but you know the price made me sick...LOL!

Michelle said...

What a great photo of the moon! That Nantucket piece is gorgeous!