January 31, 2016


Happy Sunday, everyone! The wicked blizzard delivered an unexpected and much appreciated consequence of all the snow we received last weekend: the federal government, whose openings and closing my employer follows, was closed Monday and Tuesday and opened at noon on Wednesday and Thursday. Extra stitching time! (Also, a daunting number of meals. I ran out of ideas at about the same time we ran out of eggs, but we ate out of the freezer and pantry so I wouldn't have to go to the store and deal with the parking lot.) Besides, I'd rather have a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner so that there's more time for stitching.  Tonight we had seared scallops, which cook for approximately 2 minutes on a side.  Genius dinner preparation wise, other than the fact that I despise the things, even though I grew up in a place where nearly every family had a scallop license.  I threw a piece of salmon into the oven for myself--quick and easy.

I spent some time with Mariam Chilvers Sampler 1833. I got interested in her leg-o-mutton sleeves, which apparently during the early 1800s were a thing. I did a little research into it (can't remember what site or I'd link to it), and it seems that the sleeves got larger and larger until they had to be stuffed with cotton or other materials to keep them properly poofed, and a lady entering a room might have to turn sideways because the sleeves wouldn't allow her to go through the doorway.
I am coming down the home stretch with Carriage House's "Gingham Dog and Calico Cat."  Love the colors.  I can see it in a bright red frame.

One of the reasons I am happy to get back to blogging is that the blog serves as such a good journal of our stitching progress. I have updated this project for the first time in about a year. "Sampler Tendresse" by Anagram Diffusion. This is the last square in the first column. When I finish this square (Y), there are just five more columns to go. I love the color of the fabric, which is PTP Sand (40 count). I am working with three colors of Needlepoint silks.
The design will fill this entire piece of fabric to the right side. I am thinking it will take a few more years, although you never know.
Here are a couple of small projects I'm going to start in the next few weeks when I've finished Miriam and Gingham Dog. This was an ebay win. I love Midsummer Night Designs and it really is a small sampler.

And Valentine's Day is coming, so in honor of that holiday, is a little something from New York Dreamer. 

I've been perusing the fabrics at Fabric.com.  What a wonderful website, with lots and lots of quilt fabrics perfect for backing little projects like this.  You can save your fabrics to a "wall" and go look at them from time to time before you place an order.  It's quite addictive and is a delightful waste of time at work. Maybe this one for the above design?
Off I go to put a few more stitches in the Yak. Happy week!


Jan said...

I love everything. The colors in the Carriage House are so bright and cheery. I want to see the Love one when you finish it.

Karen said...

The information about the leg-o-mutton sleeves made me laugh. I knew that hoop skirts made it difficult to get through doors, but I didn't know about the problem with those sleeves. The things we do for fashion.

marly said...

Perfect fabric for that design. Thanks for giving me another site to spend hours of indecision.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Wonderful stitching and three cheers for days off, but OMG! You don't "throw" salmon into the oven. You place it reverently! (From a Pacific NWr - home of salmon.) The people who "throw" salmon are at the Pike Place MArket in Seattle.

Robin in Virginia said...

Your works in progress are looking good, Glenna. I had to chuckle over your scallop comment. I would have joined you with the salmon. Glad you made good use of your days off with your stitching! Have a great week!

Melissa said...

I am glad to see your posts and stitching again, Glenna. Everything is looking wonderful. Enjoy the snow/stitching time!

Margaret said...

Love all your stitching pieces. Nice on the storm's consequences! Sounds like a good deal -- and cooking out of the freezer is good too!

Brigitte said...

Storm - not nice. Snow days - very nice. You could do a lot of stitching when being home bound due to all that snow. And when the freezer and pantry are well filled this snow days could also last a bit longer, couldn't they?
Great progress on your WIPs. I didn't know about that sort of sleeves that had to be stuffed to stand out, lol.

Carol said...

How nice to have that extra stitching time, Glenna--but not all that snow! My son lives in Arlington, VA and found himself growing quite bored with all the time spent indoors during your storm.

Lovely WIPs!! Each and every one!

Anonymous said...

Hi Glenna!!! I still adore you, even if you don't eat scallops. ;) Glad you put the snow time to such excellent use!!

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