January 03, 2016

Happy First Sunday in the New Year, all! I've noticed a lot of former bloggers blogging again, and I thought I'd join in. I really would like to post a bit more often--Facebook is fine, but not as satisfying, as many others have said (not that I post much on Facebook either). Quite a lot has happened since last year's post. 2015 was not particularly kind to us: In the early fall, we lost my dad. He was 87.   While I don't miss the calls in the night from the nursing home and the frequent trips to Cape Cod by air and highway to visit, we miss him terribly, and never more than during the holiday season.
Just before my dad died, we said goodbye to Pink. How I miss that little guy. Such an opinionated little critter he was.

Stitching has always been a bright note in my life and remains so. I had several finishes during 2015 and a few starts and progress and multiple WIPs. I'll show some of them here. This is "Rose Marie," by Blackberry Lane Designs. This is the 2nd time I've stitched it--last time was for a gift, and this time it's for me. I will back it with one of the fabrics shown here by Tula Pink.
I put the last stitch into this sampler by Samplers Revisited last weekend--"Jane Clarkson 1856." I started her in August 2014. She's stitched on 40 count Lakeside Linen in Maritime White, using the called for NPI silks.
Here's a little ornament I stitched for myself by Cross Eyed Cricket, and old design called "Winter Cabin." Faye Riggsbee finished it for me--such a beautiful job she does!
Faye also finished this cupboard hanger, which I stitched as an exchange gift for the In Stitches needlework shop staff party. "Winter Welcome" by Country Cottage Needleworks.
I received this lovely and clever needlepoint, stitched by Radonda. Working Hanging around the shop has taught me a lot about needlepoint.
So I have taken up the needlepoint needle. I started with a small Christmas design and have already bought a larger canvas.
I put some time into "Dorothy Walpole," by the Scarlet Letter.
I'd like to finish Dorothy this year.
And some work into "Christmastide at Holly House," by Scarlett House.

And "Rabbit Alphabet" by JBW Designs.

I'm hoping to finish each of the unfinished items on this page this year and a bunch of others besides. As for starts, I was so busy working on WIPs that I didn't start anything new on either Christmas or New Year. Soon, though, I plan to start Barbara Ana's "All Creatures Great and Small," Scarlet Letter's "Ann Short" and others--lots of others, especially Christmas ornaments, which are so satisfying. Off I go to take the Christmas lights out of the trees outdoors. I'm sad to see it end. The Christmas trees (1 large, 1 small) are already down and packed away, along with the Christmas decorations and the garland. I hope your Christmas was wonderful and that you plan on stitching tons in this New Year.


Daffycat said...

Glenna, I'm so terribly sorry to hear of your fathers passing. My heart is also broken to learn the news about Pink. I always loved your stories about Pink's antics. Much love to you!

Margaret said...

I'm sorry to hear of your father's passing. He was about my own father's age -- a handsome fellow. Sorry about Pink too. Love your finishes -- beautiful! Jane Clarkson has been on my list forever. Love your WIPs too. I'm happy to see you posting again. I miss out on a lot since I don't do Facebook. I'm on Facebook, but I don't use it. Happy New Year! I hope 2016 is very good to you.

marly said...

Sending my deepest sympathy for your losses. So sorry to hear about your Dad and Pink. Glad to see a post and update on your always enviable projects.

Loraine said...

It was so good to see a post from you. I haven't blogged in almost a year and may start up again too.
I am so sorry to hear about your dad and sweet bunny. Lots of hugs going your way.
I love you WIPS. I am working on Dorthy Walpole as well and hope to make that a finish this year. Good luck with all of your goals in 2016.

Kristen said...

Oh Glenna, I'm sorry to hear the sad news about your dad. RIP. And I was just thinking about little Elvis the other day, and to hear that Pink has gone too is heartbreaking. I feel like I know these characters of yours. All my best to Peaches and Elizabeth, and the kitties too.

Lovely stitching as usual. You always do such beautiful work.

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

My deepest sympathy to you on the loss of your father. May he rest in peace.
I am so very sorry for the loss of Pink. So sad when we lose beloved pets.

You have always got gorgeous stitches going on...all beautiful. All perfect!
Happy New Year! May 2016 be kind.

Robin in Virginia said...

I am deeply sorry to read of your Dad's passing as well as Pink's.

What lovely pieces you shared of your finishes and your WIPs! Wishing you a year filled with peace, joy, and many stitches!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about your Dad and Pink. I enjoyed all your previous posts about them. My thoughts are with you.

I am thrilled that you are back to blogging. I have always enjoyed reading your posts. Congratulations on your finishes. I especially love Jane Clarkson.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

So sorry about your dad and sweet Pink. I have certainly missed your posts and bunny tales and your lovely stitching. Huggles.

Melissa said...

First off, I am sorry to hear of your dad's passing, and of Pink as well. (Somehow it seems funny saying that in one sentence!)

The stitching are all wonderful but I must say I love Jane Clarkson! She is a beauty. I remember seeing her progress through the years!

Karen said...

Deepest sympathy on the loss of your father and Pink. So glad you are blogging again. Congratulations on finishing Jane Clarkson.

Jan said...

I know we talked about your dad at In Stitches but I don't remember you telling me about Pink. Having lost my dad early last year I know how you feel. The holidays without him were truly hard.
That is some great progress on all the stitching, but I don't see a certain HAED listed there! :-) See you at the shop.

Michelle said...

So happy to see a post from you. I am so sorry to hear of your Dad's passing. I lost mine almost four years ago now, but it's still hard at the holidays especially. And I am ever so sorry to hear about losing Pink and somehow I'd missed the post on Elvis too. My heart breaks for you. I hope that 2016 holds some wonderful and amazing things for you and I'm looking forward to your posts and seeing your progress on your WIPs - love love love that finish as well!!

Karen said...

Hi, Glenna! ::waving:: I'm glad to see you posting again; I've missed the pictures of your beautiful stitching. I'm so sorry about your Dad and about little Pink. Best wishes for 2016!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Awww .. we always enjoyed the stories of the visits to Dad and of course Pink! Our last two bunnies - Racer and The Princess died this past year. So many fond memories.

Nice to finally get a stitching fix again - missed them! Thought maybe you got a cross-country, long haul trucking gig and were on the road again!

Robin said...

Yes! So glad to see you post. You know my sentiments on your Dad, but I'll say them again; I'm sorry. It's always so hard to lose a loved one. They make up the fabric of our lives; how do you repair that hole? That includes our pets; Pink was such a cutie, I'm sorry for your loss.

Your stitching is absolutely inspiring. I'm your biggest fan of "all" of your starts. :) Your smalls are charming and your needlepoint is very nice. I adore your finish on Jane...love...sigh.

Well, now that you've inspired me, I'll see what I can do to get my blog updated; finishes and starts need to be recorded for as I get older my memory is getting older too. :)

Susan said...

Wonderful to see your post! So sorry to hear of your Dad's passing, as Robin said, how do you repair that hole? Also, sorry to hear about Pink - I looked forward to your posts not only for the stitching updates but also the bunny ones. On a brighter note - you had some wonderful finishes in 2015 and I am looking forward to seeing what you do in 2016.

Carol said...

I've noticed other former bloggers making their way back to blogland and I'm happy to see you among them, Glenna. I am so sorry to read about your dad. I lost mine, also at age 87, in the fall of 2014... I still miss him even though he hadn't been himself for a long, long time due to dementia. I hope your memories of happy times shared will carry you through the sad moments. Also so sad to read about Pink--sweet bunny...

You've certainly stitched some marvelous things--wishing you a new year filled with lots of stitching time :)

Annette-California said...

So sorry for your loss. What a incredible smile your dad had. I have lost both parents and all I can say is that the love you feel in your heart never goes away. May that love see you through those sad times. And Happy times too!
What beautiful projects you have worked on. love Annette

MyLifesAStitch said...

Eye Cannndddyyyyy!!!!! Always love your posts, Glenna! There's always so much to look at and admire. :)

I am very sorry for the loss of your dad. I can't even imagine, and don't have teh words to adequately express condolences.

I'm sorry for Pink's loss, too! The only downside to our sweet animal babies is their loss. :(