March 01, 2015

Ice Ice Baby

We're having a lovely long ice storm here in Virginia today, so today was a cozy stitching day. The house is warm and I'm making a pot roast using hard cider as the braising liquid (Angry Orchard--a sip for me, a glug for the pan).

I've been going through some slides from my dad's house. I bought a rudimentary little hand scanner at Best Buy. Put the slide in, push it under the light, hit the save button and it saves to an SD card. This picture is of me, circa 1958. We lived in Vermont at the time, and the fire department would spray down the football field of the school across the street. There would be a huge bonfire, and they'd turn on the night game lights and everyone would skate, even the little kids since no one was going to fall through the ice and drown. Here I'm modeling strap-on double-runner blades over my red boots.

I was also sick last week and missed a couple days of work, so this project has seen a lot of stitching action lately: Jane Clarkson. She's a bit more than half-way done.
I'd like to finish some large things this year and have tried not to get too excited about Market. There are a few things I want to buy, of course. The ladies from In Stitches are on their way back with a truck load of stuff, literally. And if you haven't seen it, go to the Essamplaire and take a look at Phebe Kreibel (2nd page of "This Year"). My stars, what a project. I've also had some nice ebay wins of charts I've been wanting to stitch forever, so it looks as if I'm going to be plenty busy this year, doesn't it?
I've finished block number four of Sampler Tendresse.
One more letter ("Y") to go in the left column. I love the way this looks, so I'm being patient with it, but those squiggles around the border of each letter will be the death of me.
Here's something new, by Renato Parolin, "Villagio." It's stitched on mystery 32 count fabric from my stash using the called-for DMC. I'd like to do all four houses and two Christmas trees. They're quick and easy, and a nice break from stitching big samplers.
Here's a close-up of the little houses.
And the whole project.
Peaches is taking a moment away from cuddling with Pink to say, "Happy winter Sunday!"


Ann said...

Love ALL your projects! Hope you're over whatever knocked you out for a couple of days, but at least you have something wonderful to show for it!

Margaret said...

Jane Clarkson is gorgeous! Love your other projects too, but that one is the winner for me. I'm trying to be good about market. I'm counting on you not to show anything to tempt me. lol!

Giovanna said...

Great stitching - how did I miss that Parolin chart?? And yes, that Phoebe chart is really spectacular (and tempting!)

Karen said...

Really beautiful! You've made some really good progress on Jane; she's lovely.

Karen said...

Oh my, I just went over to The Essamplaire website and checked out their New This Year page. That's a dangerous place!

Unknown said...

Beautiful projects!! I love all.

Robin said...

Glenna, I love your progress on Jane. I have been watching that because I do want to stitch her. I smiled at your young picture...such good memories. Thank you for the direction on how you scanned your slides...good info!

Melissa said...

Yesterday when I got the Essamplaire newsletter and I saw Phebe, I immediately thought "That's a Glenna sampler!" I kid you not! So, I guess you will be stitching that one soon! ;-)

There are loads of lovely things at this market. I am going to pace myself!

Love your stitching (of course). Jane is looking so pretty. I sighn every time I see her.

Keep warm!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Double runners - yup - had them too. Just could hardly wait to get single runners like the "big kids"!

Daffodils and lawn mowing here - sorry.

Cari said...

Love seeing a pic of you iceskating at such a young age. My dad used to flood a field behind our house and we'd skate like we were going to be in the Olympics one day !! It was so much fun and made great memories.

I love your Jane Clarkson. She is lovely. This one will be amazing when you finish it.

Hugs to your sweet bunnies and Kitten-Kitten !!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

All your stitching is so beautiful my friend. Hello Miss Peaches!

Tammy said...

Everything looks great! Sweet bun bun...

Anonymous said...

Hey Glenna! :)

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