January 11, 2015

Starting Anew

Happy New Year, all! I haven't really disappeared from the blog world; if you read In Stitches' blog, I post there more or less regularly--although I haven't made it to the shop as much as I'd like lately, what with one thing and another, including holidays, head colds, weather and plain old-fashioned laziness. I have not been stitching as much either, but I do have a few things to show, which is why I thought I'd update here, in part because my stitching pals frequently will ask, "so how many WIPs DO you have?" In truth, I really don't know. Maybe we should get them out and review their progress, hmmm? I finished this little ornament. It's part of a design from Cricket Designs which has been around for a while. (Forgive the photos' quality; I took them after dark, with a flash and lamplight, which is not ideal.)
I pick up Jane Clarkson on and off. I stitch like crazy, then get sick of her and put her aside. Note to you folks who choose one project and then stitch, stitch, stitch until you're finished. I respect you for it, but it's just not me. If I don't have 8 or 10 projects stashed in every room, I'm not happy. I travel to work with 4 projects in my bag: what if I should open my bag at lunch and not like the one-and-only project I've brought? I can eat the same lunch every day (soup, multi-grain toast and a tangerine), but I definitely can't stitch the same thing every day.
"The Calico Cat" by Carriage House--almost done.
Also by Carriage House, "Sampler Stocking" which I started a week ago and is about half done (more progress since I took this photo).

OK, so this is the dividing line between the normal, above, where I show you things I've finished or are nearly finished. Nice normal things. Below is the crazy, not all of which I'm showing here. I've borrowed this shot from the Heaven and Earth Designs site: I've started it, and I'm about 1/3 of the way through the first page. Of 43. (Not shown because the fabric is stark white, and I couldn't get it to cooperate with the flash. Some other time I'll show you the 3 large Santa designs I bought to go along with it. I've started one. I don't know what it is about HAED designs. Is it the sheer size? The fact that as you stitch, the details of the design are revealed? I don't know, but I find them soothing and addictive.
And for something a bit different, I ordered this wool applique kit from Winterberry Cabin (I've linked to their website, but it will be down for maintenance on 1/12).
Pink: "Why don't they have a project called 'Rabbit Crazy?'" I don't know, Pink, but I'm thinking it's time to get back to the shop and buy some Easter projects. I saw some cute ones the last time I was there....
Night, all!


Brigitte said...

Nice to see you posting again, Glenna. And so nice to see some of your WIPs again, I love them all.
So many sticthers love HAED designs and I have bought two of them two. And will start my first HAED these days. I'm still a bit reluctant because of all the parking of the threads and I don't know if I should do that too but I have to give it a try and see how it goes. Looking forward to seeing a picture of your HAED stitching.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Welcome back--you have been missed. Yes, I also work on multiple projects at one time.
Learning wool applique is on my to do list for 2015

llknbillburg said...

Although I have become predominately a sampler stitcher, I must confess to having a HAED or 2 tucked away in the ole stash. I come across them now and again, admire them, and then realize its not going to happen. Congrats to you for having the courage to press on and I look forward to seeing those progress pics!!! Laura

Melissa said...

Nice to see you again, Glenna!

It's great to see your WIPs. The other day I saw my "dog & cat" chart and now it is here so I may stitch it soon.

As to HAED - I have never stitched one and looking at one I just feel overwhelmed! It was funny to read that you find it soothing and addictive. Since there are so many HAED lovers out there, it must be something that must be experienced I suppose!

Happy New Year! Hope you will post more here on your blog. Give Pink a cuddle for me!

woolwoman said...

I'm glad to see a blog post from you! So many people are nay naying blogging and going to FB only - I still enjoy reading blogs and posting on my own. I LOVE LOVE your Jane sampler - It is one I have toyed so often with but I have really been trying to do better. I can so relate to the "projects" in every room and taking 4 WIP's in my stitching bag for an afternoon of stitching - why on occasion I have even lent one of my projects to a friend who forgot their chart or threads and couldn't stitch if not for me and my bag o' projects. Yes I agree - that designer sure needs a "bunny crazy" applique! I should send you a shot of the new rug hooking tote bag I plan to make this year. Cheers and come back soon!

Margaret said...

Leave it to you to make me feel the urge to stitch again. lol! I love Jane Clarkson! OMG! Great sampling of WIPs in general. It's so nice to see a post from you on your blog. I always follow your In Stitches blog posts, but it's not the same. HAED -- can't believe you're going there. lol! I don't dare!

Mary said...

Wow, what a great variety of projects you've got going on Glenna!

Sharon said...

I gotta tell ya, I love your "crazy" side. I now own two HAED designs. The 50% sale enticed me over to their dark side. Lol.
It's odd, but the older I get, the more I feel drawn to larger designs. I'll keep checking your blog for some beautiful progress!!!! :)

Jocelyn Thurston said...

I just loved seeing each of your projects; they are all lovely. Thanks for the link; I'll be checking it out as I love wool embroidery.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

So very good to see you! Hello to the bunsers and kitties. Your stitching pieces are lovely.

Carol said...

Such lovely projects you have in the works, Glenna--I especially love the stocking (and, of course, your sweet bunny :)

Giovanna said...

Wonderful stitching - Have a great stitchy 2015!

Cari said...

So nice to hear from you Glenna !! I'm just like you, I have just about as many WIP's as I do stash to start. I was doing an inventory and boy oh boy…over the top. But I'm headed to Attic Needlework on Thursday to meet one of my sisters for Jean's Sampler Symposium. So when I get home I'll have a whole bunch more !! Whoopie for me !! I had to sit on my hands not to order the Crazy Cat piece from Winterberries. I have several of her pieces to work up too !! She has some lovely kits doesn't she? It was great to see sweet Pink. Give her some bunny love from the Florida kitties !! Hugs !!

Anonymous said...

YAY! It is so wonderful to see you blogging!!

Susan said...

I like the variety of your projects. I was a one-at-a-time stitcher way back when. I'm not sure how I did it. I started my first HAEDs this year and like you am finding them rather soothing and definitely addictive.

joy mathew said...

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Rabbits' Guy said...

Nice bunch of work there! Thought maybe you had gone off for one last long-haul trucking adventure!

Hi Pink!

donnacrafts said...

Glenna, your projects are beautiful. I only work on one at a time, but I really appreciate those that can rotate. Thanks for the inspiration!!

KrissKross said...

I stumbled across your blog today - so delightful! Your stitching is beautiful. I adore samplers and all things "New England". Loved your post about the New Bedford home and thoughts of returning to New England one day. I could have written those thoughts verbatim! Have a wonderful day, and please keep blogging! :)

Kristina in FL

John Mathew said...

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Jenny Abraham said...

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StitchinByTheLake said...

I've just recently gotten back to cross stitching so I only have two WIPS...unlike my quilting projects where I have 20 years worth. :) blessings, marlene

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