March 28, 2010

Getting a Jump on Christmas

Just a quickie today, as I'm supposed to be toiling on a paper for school and I procrastinated yesterday by thoroughly cleaning the house which so desperately needed attention. I haven't stitched much this week, but here's where I am on Catharine:

And on Peaceful Garden. PG is a great bus project; I can outline large sections at home where I can carefully count, then fill them in on the bus, where it's harder to count and where I'm more likely to make a mistake.

I stopped by the LNS yesterday when I was doing errands and picked up a couple of these new Christmas ornament charts, which in itself is unsual because I'm not much of a Christmas stitcher, and I don't generally even think about stitching what little I do work on until about August. But I had to have these. They're not widely available quite yet, although they will be, and I think they'll sell like the proverbial hotcakes! The owner of my LNS who saw the stitched model(s), says they're stunning IRL. "Three Wise Men" is stitched on 40 count--over 1! (Not going there, but I might do over-one on 32 count.) They're charted for DMC--lots and lots of colors of DMC. Even better, they're each part of a series: there will be 6 snowglobe designs and 6 designs as part of the First Noel series. I can't wait. Marie Driskill of Blackberry Lane Designs is an extremely talented (and prolific, apparently) designer (I'm working on two of her other designs), and if you like the color and detail of the HAED designs but don't have the time to work on something so huge, Blackberry Designs is for you.

While I was at the LNS, this plastic tote caught my eye. They come in various sizes--this one's big enough to hold full-size charts, a set of q-snaps, fabric and threads for at least one project--and they're just perfect for hauling around your WIPs. I love the mesh bags, but they don't have handles, so they're harder to keep track of (I generally stuff a couple in my commuter backpack, but I always worry about setting one down on the bus seat and leaving it behind). Not very expensive either--this one was a bit less than $13.

Pink: "You spoiled my nap by running the vacuum!"

Happy week ahead!


Margaret said...

I love your WIPs! And your stash too -- you're so lucky you can just pop into your LNS. Mine is too far away for just stopping by. Sigh. Nice tote -- it's fun when it's see through like that! Back to those ornaments. Over one on 40ct! Wow! Yes, over one on 32ct would be better! lol! Good luck with the paper!

Melissa said...

Your bunnies always make me laugh. Do they always line up like that - front to back? Very snug and cozy looking!

You are making good progress on your WIP's!

Deb said...

I love watching your progress on Catherine. Such different colors, but so beautiful. I like your plan for stitching on your other piece too - doing the fill in is perfect for bus rides, waiting in cars, etc.

Katrina said...

Cute bag!!! Perfect for a project bag. Love Catharine too.

Hope you have a great week and quit disturbing those bunnies with vacuuming ;-).

Nancy said...

Beautiful progress on your samplers!

I love the Christmas ornament designs. Thanks for sharing these because I hadn't heard of them yet.

Hope your furry babies have a restful afternoon!

Kellie said...

Love Catherine and Peaceful Garden. Both are so pretty!

Nice tote bag. You are lucky that you can pop into your LNS while running errands. Popping into an LNS for me requires an hour and half drive one way. Thank goodness for the internet! Those ornaments are so pretty and so detailed. I can't wait to see your start on them. I especially love the Three Wise Men one.

Good luck with the paper.

Love Elvis's take on the situation. LOL!

Jan said...

The ornaments are beautiful. I especially like the Three Wise Men.

Love the bunnies and the positions.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Pretty stuff but I most love the bunnsie pile!

Barbara said...

The tote is awesome - we were eyeing totes in Belfast yesterday and I sort of regret that I didn't buy one. I have a great schlep bag, but it's getting kind of ratty looking. LOL.

Your stitching puts mine to shame, ma'am! Gotta go get my needles turbo-charged!!

Anonymous said...

Love the new ornaments you bought. I really like the new tote you bought!!!! Can you tell me which LNS you bought it in? I would LOVE to have one. Thanks. The bunnies are so cute.

Stitch By Stitch said...

The bunnies are just too cute! I love to see their sweet faces. Love your new Christmas finds.

Daffycat said...

Oh Lord, I thought you said you were "toilet-papering the school" but you were only speaking of homework ~ whew!

The bunnies are so funny lined up head to butt. Elvis must make a warm snuggly pillow!

The Bunns said...

Uh Elvis - is you gettng - uh - wide?????

Siobhan said...

Great progress, Glenna! I love those charts. Over one on 40 ct--yikes! I like the tote, too.

Giovanna said...

Your WIPs are just so yummy, great going!

Tammy said...

Your WIPS are so pretty--awesome colors and great stitching! And I would comment on the stash, but I can't get the bunnies out of my head! I want to just snuggle up to them!

Margaret said...

Oh my Glenna - such wonderful WIPs. Peaceful Garden is such a stunning design. Looking forward to seeing updates.

Your Christmas purchases will be such a joy to stitch. Never to early to start stitching for the coming seasons!!

The bunnies are as cute as can be.

Happy Easter & Happy Spring

MyLifesAStitch said...

Wonderful progress on both pieces!

That Three Wise Men ornament is gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see your WIP pics for it. :)

Michelle said...

Both WIPs look fabulous! And great stash you picked up - I love the bag. I'd better stop procrastinating and get back to my school stuff too.

bunnygirl said...

Elvis is looking a in that picture. LOL - so cute!

Did you give Hef's mom your info yet so Audrey can come visit? Last I checked, Audrey was trying to make her travel plans.

Marie said...

Hello Glenna,
Ellen at your LNS emailed me and suggested that if I hadn’t already, I should check out your blog. Boy was I surprised, thanks for the wonderful comments!! I haven’t had much time to spare but I have been contemplating starting a blog and after seeing yours and a few others connected to your site, I’m convinced it’s time to expand my horizon. I just love your blog and plan on becoming one of your friends if that’s what we’re called.

By the way, I’ve had a couple of pet bunners’ myself. One was called Nibbles, a large white California rabbit I believe, and when we would let him out he would go to our neighbors, scratch on their screen, eat his carrots or whatever they would feed him and come back home. He was a hoot!!

We had another neighbor that had a mutt that had a German Sheppard body and short Dotson legs. His belly was no more than seven or eight inches off the ground. Most of time that dog would chase Nibbles but one day Nibbles had enough and bit him on the nose. Needless to say the dog went home running and Nibbles never had any problems with him again.

We have now inherited a baby squirrel, she’s about four weeks now I guess. Two weeks ago today, I attended a weekend retreat in Fredericksburg, VA with the MAR EGA and while I was gone my husband and two boys went to my mom’s to cut some trees. Well, you can guess what they found. Her eyes are still closed and with no hair, she looked like a rat instead of a squirrel. We’re not sure if we should call her peanuts of squeaky. Of course I’m the one who feeds her most of the time. She knows my voice and she loves to be rubbed and talked to. On the computer it says we should set her free about 12 weeks old but for now I’m not sure what we’ll do.

Sorry for being long winded but I certainly enjoyed my break. Thanks again for everything.
Warm regards,
Marie at Blackberry Lane Designs

Alice said...

I love the tote! Those Christmas pieces look like they will be gorgeous IRL. Pink sure does look unamused. Good luck with the paper... though I've been away, so I hope it's long since done!