February 28, 2010


Yesterday, in spite of the fact that I should have been doing stuff for my classes (as I should be now instead of blogging), I went off to LNS #1 to see what came back from Market. We've all been eagerly awaiting certain charts by certain designers, but there are some quiet, shy charts that haven't gotten much exposure on the web (at least that I've noticed). Here are two that I brought home with me:

"La Couleur du Coeur" by Marie's Passion (Marie Suarez). This includes a really nice-heart-shaped fob/ornament that I cut off in my photo.

And this chart, called "Bagatelle" by a new-to-me designer called LiLi Soleil, creations Brigitte Galaup, which is somehow related to the Dessins company. I'm going to stitch this with a big "G" in the middle (each alphabet letter is charted). I love the roses. Both designs are charted for DMC.

And I couldn't resist starting "Elizabeth Savilles," which I'm stitching using Terri's CC conversion on 40 count Lakeside in maritime white. Lots of pink in this as well.

This design has lots of pink also, although you can't see it in this q-snapful. "Sarah McPhail." Lots and lots of grass to stitch, but I've made some progress even with my homework.

Something unpink: I bought this fabric, which is 40 count Picture This Plus in "fog." I love the color, and I've placed a skein of Crescent Colours in "Hydrangea" on it. The bottom piece of fabric is Lakeside in Vintage Examplar, just to show you the contrast. I love the fog and the Hydrangea, which I'll use for some future project, whether separately or together. It will be a nice break from all that pink.

Peaches: "We all need a break from Pink sometimes."
Pink: "Not nice! Everyone loves Pink!"

I'm off to finish my homework, make a meatloaf and do a little stitching hopefully. Up next week: visit to LNS #2! Who knows what treasures I'll find!

Happy week ahead!


Jennifer said...

OOOOOOOOO I love pink! It's my favorite color and your stitching is so beautiful!
The Hyandrea color makes me yearn for Spring even more....how pretty!

Feathers in the Nest

Anonymous said...

We all love Pink, His White Foofiness!

Joanne said...

I would love to own this chart, but I need the exact information on the chart when I call my LNS.

So far, I have:

LiLi Soleil
creations Brigitte Galaup

Is there a chart number or an order number listed on the back of the chart pack?

Normally, I would email this kind of request, but I could not find an address.

In advance;
Thank you

Glenna said...

Joanne, the only additional information I have on it (I couldn't find it on the net either), is Dessins DHC, which is a fairly well-known french needlework company. I'm not sure if they're the parent corporation or just a distributor in the same way that Hoffman is, but for instance, if you go to abcstitch.com, you can order various designers. Celeste, who owns my lns, picked up the charts at Market and might be able to help you (or ship one to you, although I got the last of this design): 540-899-3075 (Everything Cross Stitch, Fredericksburg, VA)

Jeanne said...

Ooh, I really like the two new French charts! Thanks for sharing!

Nancy said...

Your new charts are so pretty! Don't you love those finds that are so quiet? They are such treasures.

Hi to your bunnies!

Joanne said...


Thank you for the quick response. I wrote down everything and will call my LNS tomorrow to see if se can get it. If not, I will definitely call Celeste at your LNS.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Great new stash, Glenna! I especially love the pink chart you showed first. I'll have to check that one out. Glad to see you starting ES - she's a beauty! The fog fabric is gorgeous as is the hu=hydrangea floss - pretty, pretty, pretty!

Your Pink has it right.... everyone loves pink!

bunnygirl said...

Of course everyone loves Pink! Peaches is just teasing.

Siobhan said...

Great new stash, Glenna! I love that linen--nice. I've never seen those charts before, or those designers--very nice! Great progress on Sarah, too.

Catherine said...

Your progress is looking great! I personally love pinks (I have three boys and need to see pink!).

The Hydrangea color looks great with that fabric!

Margaret said...

Love your stash! And your WIPs are wonderful! I love Pink! And Pink too! lol!

Deb said...

Ah, but Pink is such a great color (and such a cute bunny). I was just at my LNS yesterday and didn't see either one of those charts. They definitely look like they're going to winners!

mainely stitching said...

Oh, that Fog linen is very pretty! Can't wait to see what you create using it. :D And assure Pink that we all still love Pink even if we need an occassional break from pink. :D

MyLifesAStitch said...

Love the new stash acquisitions and your progress, Ms. Speedy Needles. :)

Have a great week!

Jules said...

Happy homework-ing!

I am not a fan of pink, but your Pink is a cutie pie! ;) I do, however, like that chart with the
"D" in the center, the Bagatelle...

Kellie said...

Who could need a break from Pink? :)

And I love all the pink projects. :) Sarah is looking fabulous. You have gotten a lot finished on it. And I love Elizabeth. I like Terri's conversion on that one too. That is one that I might eventually stitch. It is so delicate and pretty.

I like the new charts, both of which I had not noticed. I especially love the Bagatelle one. Very pretty.

Good luck on the homework. I don't envy you that.

Stitch By Stitch said...

Love your quiet finds, my LNS had none of them. I will have go online and have a look around.

Cari-in-VA said...

Oh, Glenna - what beauties. Thanks for sharing those charts with all of us - I love them both. Elizabeth Savilles is a beauty and I think she is a pretty quick stitch - I need to get back to her.

Another school week comes to a close and we are one week closer to the end - hooray!

Enjoy your week.

Valerie said...

Hi Glenna! Great start to Elizabeth and I really like your new stash additions. I really like "La Couleur du Coeur"...it is going on my wish list!

I do have to ask about Sarah McPhail...is that from The Essamplaire? It looks like one she has from Norfolk, VA. If it is, the Richmond Sampler is considered its mate! I promised myself that I could only purchase Sarah once I was finished with Richmond Sampler...so it will be awhile before I meet Sarah! The stitching is beautiful as well as the colors.

I am glad that you are looking at coming to the Gathering next year! I think you will love it. It is so nice being around people who share your passion!

Good luck on getting that homework out of the way. Isn't it terrible how homework always gets in the way of our stitching? Till next time...Happy Stitching!

The Scarlett House said...

My gosh, Glenna, you are seeing pink. Stop putting Sarah McPhail aside. AS you know, I love that sampler and I'm living through yours.

Daffycat said...

Wonderful stash! Buying stash is much better than homework, right?

Everyone loves Pink. And Peaches. And Elvis. Don't they?

Giovanna said...

Great new stash, and great start! Marie Suarez is a great designer, it's nice to see her reaching across the pond.

Melissa said...

Oh you're so funny. We all should be doing 'something else' other than blogging! Believe me. Sometimes a whole day can easily go my where I've lost my mind to the WWW somewhere!

Lovely new stash! I'm glad you've started on Elizabeth Saville. I think I will have to start it up again, fresh as I don't like my old piece and how it's looking!

Michelle said...

I think I need to start Elizabeth immediately! And I love the two new charts that followed you home. Fog is gorgeous...especially with that hydrangea! Lovely!