September 13, 2009

Whitework Samplers

I'm still pondering my choices, especially after discovering that Frances Eden, upon which I have been diligently stitching, is 90 degrees off--meaning the pattern's WIDE instead of LONG, which I full well knew, and I was stitching on a piece of fabric held vertically instead of horizontally. Not the first time I've done that...sigh. Fortunately, the fabric is long enough where I can just chop off the offending portion. Picture me taking the big Gingher dressmaking shears to it, cackling wildly. Or maybe weeping.

In spite of the hovering in the wings of Christmas at HRH and the two Plum Street Samplers charts that I must have as soon as they're released--Garden of Eerie and Paradise Lost--and heaven only knows what else that will come from Market, this is what I'd like to stitch as my replacement for Alphabetissimo: English Whitework Sampler by the Needle's Prayse. It calls for Perle Cotton #12, which I have, and special Denetelle tatting thread in 80, which is possibly available from Traditional Stitches in Canada. DMC makes a tatting thread as well, which is available from Joann's. I'm going to pop over to Michaels later to see if they stock tatting thread. In the meantime, a little imp is wondering if I can substitute some kind of silk. What fun it is to kit this up! (Probably more fun to kit than to stitch.)

This is the Victoria Sampler White Christmas Sampler, which I have around here somewhere, completely kitted up. Who knows where it is, though, so it's on hold until I can comb through a few closets. Pathetic. Truly I am an organizational flake.

I have started this--it's the Heirloom Wedding Sampler by The Victoria Sampler. I call it the Heirloom Cohabitation Sampler since we have no immediate plans to be married in spite of (or because of) 15 mostly blissful years of living together.

The heart looks cattywampus here because the fabric is not in a q-snap and it's a little creased. I'm debating whether I like the 28 ct platinum cashel that the pattern calls for, or if I want to re-do it on a very pretty cut of 32 Picture This Plus in a gorgeous ocean blue. Or on something creamier. The platinum cashel is a tad greenish IRL.

Speaking of Whitework, here is Pink, acting in his capacity as guard-bun.

Happy week ahead, all!


Jan said... that! LOL

So sorry for the mishap with the fabric, but I am thinking you will be able to continue? I need to re-read your post! Goodness!!

I love all of those that you want too, from the many great choices coming up!

Can't wait to see which whitework you decide on. I have never been brave enough to attempt one.

Melissa said...

Oh I love Pink as the Guard Bunny. In the winter, do you use her to stop the cold drafts coming in? (can't think of the proper name for that right now)

I know the new releases will be enticing! It's nice to have these to look forward to.

And your mishap with the linen - oy! I've done that too! Good luck with it!

Kellie said...

At least the fabric is big enough that you can cut it off and start it again, but it is still no less frustrating, I'm sure.
I am eyeing Christmas at HRH and Paradise Lost as well (and already looking forward to Autumn at HRH which has been hinted at).
I "think" Michael's does carry tatting thread. And pretty sure Hobby Lobby does as well if you have one close by. Good luck in your search.
The Heirloom Wedding/Cohabitation Sampler is gorgeous! It will be beautiful regardless of what which fabric you decide to use, but the white against the ocean blue sounds really pretty. :)
Sweet cute Pink!

Siobhan said...

I love the look of white work but haven't done any more other than a bit here & there on SB samplers.

I'm glad to hear that you are able to salvage Frances Eden! Phew. Did I tell you about the cut in my linen thread right at the spot where the over one was supposed to go? I figured that to be my gift from the stitching gods because I abhor over one.

Market... I am so tempted on a lot of the things I've seen. Paradise Lost is the first thing that is getting my attention. I am waiting in fevered anticipation for it. Then everything else that Plum Street is putting out, of course CHS, Primitive Needle, and I'm sure GH will come out with some must haves, too. Sweet agony.

Cari said...

Hi Glenna! I just love the white work, but confess that I would go crazy stitching with only one color. So, I will just ooh and aah over your whitework.

I'm with you, can't wait to see all the wonderful things market has in store for us - it would be such fun to go. HRH Christmas is so pretty - well, the parts I've seen.

I am so happy for you that you were able to salvage Frances - what a close call!

Pink is just too cute!

Enjoy your evening.

Jan said...

You're not the only one to do the horizontal/vertical dance. Just adapt as much as you can and call it your own.

When I first saw Pink's picture I thought Bunny doorstop.

Caroline said...

I just love your bunnies - so sweet. I always like that you usually finish a post with a pic of your bunnies.

The whitework samplers look really beautiful, though I think my already poor eyesight would be sorely challenged. Do you use special lighting when working with these?

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

I'm so glad your fabric is big enough in spite of yourself! Yeah!

Love all the whitework stuff you have going on but boy, I would not have the patience to do it.

Like you, I have my eye on quite a few new releases.

Jennifer said...

I admire your work. It's beautiful!
I haven't tried any hardanger or white work.....yet....maybe one day but it's so pretty......
Love that name Pink for your bunny.

Feathers in the Nest

Margaret said...

Wow, you're more ambitious with the whitework than I am! I'm looking forward to seeing what you choose in the end. They're all lovely. Bummer on the fabric mishap. Hope the fabric is wide enough!

bunnygirl said...

I love the detail on the wedding sampler! So amazing.

And your guardbunny seems to be doing a very fine job. Hi, Pink!

Fez and the Gang said...

Great job Pink... and you too Glenna...

Both of you deserve some treats!

d. moll, said...

Got a white bunny sampler?

mainely stitching said...

There's a guardbun who takes his duties seeriously!

I'm totally cracking up over the term 'Cohabitation Sampler' - I hope you've sparked a thought for the designers out there! LOL!

The Scarlett House said...

Whitework? Are you insane, Glenna? How can you even see it, especially after one of your famous cocktail creations? I'll be cheering you on.
Good luck with your classes.

Deb said...

I love whitework samplers, but don't think that I could ever get the guts to do one of those. I will really be watching your progress on that one because it is so beautiful - I do love her designs.

Glad to hear that the fabric is going to be fine even with cutting some off. AUGHHH. I think I would scream if I did that (well, thinking about it - I have - LOL)

Hear you on the CHRH and Paradise Lost - still on the fence about Garden of Eerie, but I'm sure that it will sneak up on me.

Tammy said...

The whitework is stunning-I love it. But something in me just opposes learning hardanger! Cutting a stitching piece only happens in my nightmares, lol. I'll leave that to you and just sit back and enjoy without the worry of me messing it up (which I know I would!)

samplerlover said...

Hi Glenna,
What a stunning piece the white work sampler is. Looking forward to seeing you work this one.
If you have to cut some of the linen off from Frances, before you do, completely pull one strand of linen out with either a needle and a pin roughly where you want to cut. If you cut along the line that is left between the 2 threads on either side of the thread pulled out, you will have a perfect straight line. This is really easy to do. Hope you are well - Sandra.

Cindy F. said...

I recently did the same thing! Stitched on the wrong length!! Good luck girl!
Beautiful white work!!

YowlYY said...

White work, white bunny - sorry, bunny wins 1:0 (although the white work is stunning!)

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