September 09, 2009

Three Days

Woods Hole Beach at 7 a.m. No sharks here. No seals either. A professional harpooner (what I want to do for my next job; I figure that being a needleworker is a good start for being qualified since I regularly harpoon myself with the needle) electronically tagged the great white sharks. There are at least five of them--the largest is 15 feet long. The scientists at the Marine Biological Laboratory are excited, but the swimmers aren't; the beaches are still closed.

My 82-year-old dad was under the weather, so I didn't leave the house much, which meant I accomplished a lot of stitching. Christinia:


I guess I'm a drop-out for the Sail-Away SAL--I just can't get into it. I bought different colors and everything, but it just isn't doing it for me. Sorry, guys, but your projects look beautiful. I may bring up the rear--or not.

These guys behaved badly, BF said. They look innocent to me!


Jackie said...

Your stitching is gorgeous!

Jaws was the first PG13 movie I ever watched. It made quite the impression. Good thing I'm no longer much of a beach person!

Cari said...

Hooray for the harpooners! I wonder how close they had to get to electronically tag them? I'm too chicken for that job!

Glenna, I hope your dad will be feeling well very soon!

Wonderful work on your stitching - enjoy the rest of your week.

I don't know, those bunnies definitely have mischief in their eyes.

Kellie said...

Sorry to hear that your dad was under the weather. Hope he is feeling better. You made a ton of progress on both pieces. Looks like you will be celebrating a finish on Alphabetissimo very soon.

bunnygirl said...

Of course the bunnies are innocent. Aren't they always?

I'm sorry your dad wasn't well, but I'm sure your visit cheered him up.

Margaret said...

Pretty weird about those sharks, huh? Hope your dad is feeling better. I just love Christiana! I saw the chart at my LNS and resisted buying it. Now I regret it! Sorry you can't get into Sail Away. I know the feeling actually -- had a hard time with the last assignment. I'd rather be working on my current project instead. Sometimes it just happens.

valerie said...

Sorry to hear your dad is under the weather...hope he is feeling a little better! Awesome stitching though. You're so close on Alphabetissimo and I just love that color combo!

Xeyedmary said...

I'm sorry to hear about your dad; I hope he feels better soon. It sounds like your visit may have been good timing, despite the ocean visitors?
Your WIPs look lovely.
I think the buns were missing their mum!

Melissa said...

Oh, Glenna, I love your comment about growing up to be a professional harpooner - of the linen kind I suppose! The stitching are looking wonderful. Christina must be quite bright and cheery as photos always tend to be more muted in real life.

And the bunnies? While mom is away, the bunnies will play?;-)

Hope your dad feels better soon.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Love your stitching! Both Christiana and Alphabetissimo are beautiful. Sorry your dad was under the weather; I hope he's feeling better. No worries about SA. Sometimes things that you think will call to you, just don't. I loved working on it but there have been many other things that even though I've wanted to do them, I just can't get into for one reason or another.
I am absolutely sure the buns were innocent!

FrecklesandDeb said...

Those two little innocent buns couldn't have gotten into any trouble! We just won't believe it!

Beautiful stitching. Looks like both projects are really coming along. Harpooning your fingers -- good one!

mainely stitching said...

So, is your dad feeling better now?

Your stitching is fabulous, as always. It's great that you were able to get so much done.

The bunnies look completely innocent to me!

Siobhan said...

Sorry to hear that your dad was under the weather, but your stitching progress is a nice consolation! It looks great.

The beach--fabulous photo!

Tammy said...

I'll never believe those sweet bun buns were bad in any way, shape or form!! Your wips look just gorgeous. I totally get not being able to stand looking at a project anymore---I'm about to throw Mirabilia's Gathering Eggs out into the trash. She's languished for 7 years now, lol. And i just CANNOT bring myself to finish.

Jan said...

Good going, Harpooners!! Lovely photo, Glenna....just sorry your dad is under the weather.

Great stitching, Christiana is gorgeous, love, love, love those colors!!!

Fur babies missed their momma!!

Jade said...

The bunnies are innocent as always, of course.
I hope your dad is OK now.
Your stitching is beautiful, Alphabetissimo looks especially stunning to me.

Fez and the Gang said...

How could they have been bad? Their only role is to look cute... check... so whatever else they do is a bonus! Tell BF to be grateful for any extra attentions they decided to lavish on him!

Caroline said...

Those bunnies look perfectly innocent to me.....

You made wonderful progress on your pieces, they are really taking shape!

Kit said...

Your projects look wonderful. I hope your father fells better soon. How can something(s) so cute be bad?

Dona said...

Your Christinia is beautiful and coming along so nicely. I love the colors - they are so vibrant!

Sorry to hear your dad was not feeling great. Hope he is better now.

I have to agree - those are two very innocent and sweet bunnies! Surely BF was mistaken??

I am Shores of Hawk Run Hollow SAL dropout! Sometimes it just happens that way!