September 20, 2009

Running By, Running On, Running Out

Hey, all--lots going on here (at least with homework) and also with drooling over/kitting up the new designs coming out at market. I've never seen so many wonderful designs that I want to acquire! Dear Celeste, at my LNS, Everything Cross Stitch, in Fredericksburg, VA and dear Jan, at have been very patient with me and my million questions about colors and fabric availability.

Yesterday I kitted up English Whitework. The design calls for 40 count Newcastle linen in ecru or white, and I found it, and it was perfectly nice but I figured the fabric would swallow up all that super-involved stitching, and we can't have that! If we're going to labor, ladies, we need to show it off! Then I spied the dishiest cut ever of Lakeside 40 ct in Winter Sky. My pictures don't capture the true, glorious, hyacinth-y color of it, but the first photo is closest to it. The second photo shows the threads I'm using--only 2!--Perle cotton 12 (on the right), and dentelle tatting thread in 80. (Which makes me think of dental floss, which it somewhat resembles.) I had not found dentelle anywhere on the web, and it turned out to be right in my back yard at my LNS! The dentelle is used only for the cutwork parts I think. Just thinking of cutting this beautiful Lakeside gives me cold chills. I ordered the chart (Needle's Prayse) from 123stitch, and it came in a flash.

I've also restarted Sarah McPhail, this time on 40 ct Lakeside in maritime white. I'm so happy I changed the fabric out--it looks so much better. To avoid the feeling of restitching, a boring project-killer for me, I've started in the middle this time. Here's the bow (see it in the photo of the project below?):

Well, I'm off to the grocery store since we've run out of nearly everything but meat (BF is in charge of meat, so the meat in our freezer might outlast my supply of needlework projects. Well, that's an exaggeration...). He very nicely offered to go to the store for me, but if I agreed, he'd come with another stack of meat, and I'm thinking it might be good to have a salad or something with our (barbecued) meat tonight... Also, I'm in charge of putting together something for this week's cocktail....

Here's Elvis, running by while Yazziebear pays no attention to him.

Happy week ahead!


Kellie said...

Both projects are gorgeous! I really like the fabric you are using with English Whitework. It will show the stitches off beautifully. Also love Sarah McPhail. That is going to be just as beautiful as English Whitework.

Grocery shopping is not my favorite thing to do, but it is easier to do it myself than to send DH to do it. He calls me 112 times from the store to ask me about whatever is on the list. LOL!

Yazziebear and Elvis are both adorable. It is nice to see that kitties and bunnies co-exist peacefully in the same house. :)

Have a great week ahead.

Daffycat said...

Beautiful new starts! That Lakeside is dreamy...

LOL Elvis looks so fluffy today! Cats are supreme ignorers, to them, it's an art form.

Jennifer said...

Your stitching progress is wonderful!!!! Love that blue linen, so pretty.
Elvis is so sweet!

Feathers in the Nest

Missy Ann said...

I love your fabric pick for the Whitework. I do like the white on white, but with your choice it'll be beautiful from across the room and not just up close.

Jeanne said...

I've always been a purist when it comes to whitework, but I have to admit that your start on the light blue is absolutely gorgeous. I'd love to start this piece too, but my overflowing WIP pile has convinced me that I should just enjoy watching your progress for now! :-)

Melissa said...

I love the whitework on that lovely soft blue. It looks wonderful. I've never done this type of stitching so I'm really looking forward to seeing your progress.

As to Sarah, a very nice start. That's another big sampler. You, Margaret & Tanya have got me interested in these samplers!

Elvis looks very cute. I think he's doing the Elvis strut!

ps do you have any old sampler books that you can recommend?

Margaret said...

Ooooooh! I love both your WIPs! So pretty! That whitework sampler is going to look so perfect on that fabric. And Sarah -- be still my heart!

Hope the homework and groceries aren't too much of a pain. Love the bunnies as usual!

LivnLaf said...

Excellent fabric choice for the Winter white piece. Actually all the fabrics are nice and can I just say WoW! on that Sara McPhail...and it will be an incredible Sampler for your wall.
I have not looked beyond Attic's newsletter Friday that revealedf some new pieces...I am refusing to be tempted!

Deb said...

Those projects are both gorgeous. Sharon McPhail looks so complicated but so beautiful. The fabric you chose for the English Whitework is going to be perfect! I'm anxious to see more progress pics.

bunnygirl said...

I have no doubt that Elvis is happy you're going to acquire salads, since he probably has no interest in meat.

Love to Stitch said...

No kidding Glenna!! YYG!! I love your choice of Winter Sky with the white, I do know exactly the shade, I own a Stitchers Half in 40ct-- I couldnt resist the color either!! I dont have a thing in mind for it, but it looks fabulous in the stash. Tremendous progress so far. I will have to break mine out and get stitching, I dont want to fall to far behind. It will be fun to stitch along with you if you dont mind :)

The Bunns said...

Salads yes! !!!

Hi Elvis - you ARE so fluffy!

Siobhan said...

Ooh! I think that fabric was a perfect choice for your English Whitework. FAB-U-LOUS!! Great start on Sarah McP, too--she's going to be a beaut.

I abhor grocery shopping, probably because I am the one who has to do it all the time. :P I say that having just shopped at 4 stores... the joys of living in Ireland.

Market... aaaahhhh! I wonder if it's sad just how much I am anticipating this weekend, especially when I will be nowhere near St. Charles? LOL Have a good week!

FrecklesandDeb said...

As usual you've got great projects to work on! Great to see Elvis slipping into the picture!

Brigitte said...

English Whitework on that blue-ish fabric looks terrific. You can see every single stitch and all those specialty stitches and everything. Great choice.
I also love Sarah McPhail.

Cari said...

I love to grocery shop - it's just so fun to me! I have my list, my coupons, and my Zune loaded with agood book - it's great!

Have you seen BBD new book? It's so pretty (and that's just the cover).

I love your whitework and the fabric is outstanding. Sarah's make another appearance, hooray. Can't wait to see more of her.

Enjoy your week.


Fez and the Gang said...

Oh Elvis! What mischief are you up to??

mainely stitching said...

I love your new start!!!

I'd go for a cocktail and a salad and let someone else have the meat. ;)

YowlYY said...

What lovely stitch work - this reminds me that I should probably have an update on my knitting at some stage...this is where ravelry comes in handy :)
Elvis is adorable... is he showing his best bunny 500? :)

samplerlover said...

Hi Glenna,
Sorry, I am a bit late, I am still cleaning up after those dust storms. We had another one last night, but not as dramatic as the first one. We now know what it would be like living on Mars lol.
I am so glad that you have started on Sarah again. She is a stunner and will look lovely in your collection. Your whitework one is also lovely. I used to do a bit of that before Repo's lol.
Would you believe Betsy's days are numbered. Possibly could be finished by the end of the weekend or Monday, depends of what evil plans my DH has e.g. gardening lol.