January 12, 2008

Saturday Samplers

I've been catching up on some projects this week. News flash: I didn't start a new project this week! Although I'm about to start the next house in the Neighborhood Round Robin, but that doesn't really count as a new start, does it? Because I've got my eye on the net, along with a lot of other stitchers, to get a look at the Shores of Hawk Run Hollow when it's unveiled in February. And because I'm sorely tempted by the new A Mon Ami Pierre chart shown by ABC Stitch on their website. Contemplating these new projects makes me want to finish up some lingering stuff that's pretty far along, including Houses of Hawk Run Hollow, which I burned out on sometime last year. I won't finish it this year either, but I would like to make a little progress.

But for now, here's Winter Cardinal. Maybe done in time for next Christmas? Although there's no Christmas greeting on it, so maybe just frame it?

Here's my progress on Procession. I love the composition and the silk, but I wish it were just a tad more complex, color- and design-wise.

And here's a picture of Elvis, sitting in the cat carrier that we used to transport him to his well-bunny checkup.


Barbara said...

Lovely photos! Elvis looks so cute in his carrier!

Sue said...

Okay...I'm in love with Elvis

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Love the stitching! elvis is so darn cute it isn't funny!

Michelle said...

Elvis looks like such a character! Your cardinal and your procession are so different and beautiful, I'm sure they are fun to stitch on. I too am looking forward to SOHRH.