January 13, 2008

A Few Words

Two posts in one weekend--because frankly, I could barely make myself leave my snuggly fleece jammies this weekend. I was tired, and it was cold, and accounting classes start up again next week (along with the exhausting slog through the remedial math classes that will allow me to pass calculus. Accounting/business/ legal classes? Piece of cake. Algebra II, geometry, trigonometry? Shaking in my slippers. Fortunately, I'm not one bit hesitant to hire a tutor. I sailed through the one and only required math class--algebra I--for my last degree, thanks to him. I never learned the stuff in high school; I was part of an experimental curriculum that allowed you to skip the things you didn't like or weren't good at. Tell your kids not to skip the basics in high school even if they hate them! Anyway, hanging out in my jammies meant I could spend tons of time doing needlework and playing with the bunnies.
So I worked on stitching lots and lots of words today. Morning Berries by Little House:

And Peaceful Paradise from Midsummer Night Designs:

And a picture of Pink, playing in the linens while I changed the bed this morning. I think I will submit this photo to Disapproving Rabbits. I love this website, which is a collection of the photos of a lovely Minnesota woman who began blogging about her pet rabbit while writing her main blog about birding. She began collecting photos of rabbits who appear to be expressing disapproval. Check it out! Even if you're not a bunny fan (you mean I haven't converted you yet?), there are some very cute and funny photos there!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I love the look on Pink's face! LOL! Wonder what is going on in that mind of his?

Barbara said...

LOL! Pink looks so funny! What is it about bunnies and cats that gives so much weight to those disapproving stares? ;)

Wendy said...

Your projects look great! And very funny picture of Pink. He looks like he just had a sniff of something not very nice LOL!

Mindi said...

Thanks for the link to the Disapproving Rabbits site, there were some really cute pictures there. This coming weekend is when I won't get out of my fleece jammies, its supposed to be coooold!

Michelle said...

I'm glad Pink has found a good home with you - even if he is disapproving! LOL! I don't blame you for snuggling in!