June 24, 2007

Mad for Glads

Work progresses on Leslie's Neighborhood RR:

See if you can guess who the designer of the house is. A hint: she uses JUST her first name.

In the meantime, I've started collecting house charts on my visits to the LNS. Here's one from Kit and Bix (Bix and Kit?) that I picked up. I like the cute farm house and the yard and trees. It may find its way into someone's RR square.

And here's a little gift that showed up on the side of my house. As I've said before, this is the first spring/summer that we've lived in this house, and although I'm eager to landscape and garden, we've waited a bit to see what the previous owners planted. Here's a nice suprise: gladiolus!

Have a wonderful week!


Barbara said...

Your new house pattern is great - I've seen & liked this one. And glads! My mom always has tons of them along her drive in the summer and I just love them!!

Vonna said...

Oh HECK! I love that sampler too...or rather, I love that house. Man...you do come up with lovlies :0)

Michelle said...

Beautiful progress on the RR - I'm going to guess Just Nan. The flowers are so pretty!!

Itching To Stitch said...

The RR piece is looking good but have no idea who the designer is. Love the gladiolas (one of my favorites) ;)

Carol said...

Maryse? Perhaps? Gorgeous start for Leslie!!! And that gladiola makes me wish I had remembered to plant some in the spring!

Margaret said...

It has to be Just Nan!!
What a beautiful sampler. Where do you find them all? Will be checking this one out tomorrow at our LNS, then on my wish list it goes.
Your glads look great. Smart move to wait and just see what comes up this first year - wonderful surprises.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

The glads are stunning! i love that bright red! your stitching is lovely as always too. Nice new chart. love it!