October 22, 2006

Sampler Sunday: House Hunting Edition

The first two days of vacation have gone wonderfully. We went IRL househunting today and looked at a house on a precipice. It had the best glassed-in sunroom I have ever seen and would be perfect for stitching. So who cares if you'd have to mow the lawn with a mountaineering rope tied around your waist anchored to a tree? It made me think of the Jeep? Subaru? commercial where the guy parachutes out of his house and to his waiting car.

Sampler Sunday wouldn't be complete without a sampler, though, would it? I have nothing to criticize in this one. I love it--the Plymouth Sampler--although I've seen it everywhere. I saw a stitched model done in a high threadcount in, of all places, Plymouth, at The Sampler, and I have tried test-stitching it on a couple of different fabrics to see which I'd prefer. I'm doing it over one on 38 count linen with DMC in half crosses (no room for the full cross, which makes it go a tad faster, although you have to stab rather than sew so it's probably a wash time-wise). This is fun, but only in the best light! The penny will give you an idea of the scale. My motto: why do anything the easy way and why stitch something you can actually see?

Warning: Adult Content Ahead

Because I’m a bunny mom, I’m crazy over all things rabbit and look for projects that feature them. I also like snowmen. So imagine how thrilled I was to find that Sisters and Best Friends, one of my favorite needle artist teams, who are also the designers of the Uncle Willy snowman chart that I just kitted up to stitch soon, which pictures a confused-looking snowman wrapped in Christmas lights and sporting a bright orange button nose, has designed a snowman looking at his little friend, a bunny. It’s called "Pals." This snowman isn’t sporting just a nose. He looks to be sporting a uh...um... Well. The bunny is too small, and his placement in the scene is problematic.

I am imagining the conversation over in the Quality Control Department at Sisters and Best Friends Corporate HQ:
"Sister, you know that I love you, don’t you? And you’re my best friend, too, right?"
"Of course, Sis. What’s up?"
"Well, I am not sure quite how to say this, but you know that cute snowman you just designed with the bunny friend?"
"Yes, Sis. Why do you ask?"
"They’re really cute and all, Sister, but perhaps you should take a few steps back and look at the chart again?"
"Sis, I don’t have time for this. We have to get these charts to the publisher!"
"Oh, right. But maybe we should stitch him some pants?"
That said, I do like the chart and the cute button pack that comes with it. The designers really are wonderful; is it their fault I have a smutty mind?


Anna van Schurman said...

That is unfortunate bunny placement! I think they should hire you!

Anonymous said...

I love Plymouth Sampler, of course it's in my stash and will someday be stitched :>). I noticed the bunny problem right away when I looked at the pic. I'm sure you can readjust if you want to :)

Annemarie said...

Glenna, you're hilarious! Poor Snowman. Poor Bunny! Now I can never look at this design again without giggling. Your Plymouth Sampler looks stunning, although stitching over one on anything higher than 20 count sounds like torture to me...

Karen said...

That's so funny! Poor little bunny. hehehe

Michelle said...

Oh no...not a good idea on that bunny placement! Your new start looks fantastic and amazingly tiny!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

You are too funny! Love your new project!

Vonna said...

Well I certainly agree that not only is the bunny placed in an awkward position, but also....he has like a surprised look on his face, like "UhOh, where'd that come from?!"
Anyway...again you made me smile and LOL!
I'm stitching CHS's Fall's Gifts over one, my first attempt at "over 1" your's is looking great! I understand about stabbing...!

Anonymous said...

If you love rabbits check out an old Cricket Design Leaflet #47. The Easter angel bunny is a delight! Maria S.