October 14, 2006

Laying Groundwork

I spent quite a bit of time this week stitching grass and rocks on Whale Hunting. Yawn--but it needs to be done. I'm excited about beginning to stitch whales and more ocean and the church that sits on the grass, so that will be my reward when I get the ground on this page completely stitched. The dark spot in the corner is my shadow.

Tomorrow is Sampler Sunday, otherwise known as my Sunday Open House, in honor of all those houses that BF and I have toured on a Sunday, finding glaring flaws of one kind or another, and then coming home to quarrel about--LOL.

And speaking of samplers, I think we should all support companies that give us a nice tasteful sampler on their packaging. This is the Route 11 Potato Chip Company. It may be a regional company, so you may not have seen these in your part of the country/world. I liked the flavor of the Yukon Gold potatoes, but I prefer a drier, softer potato chip--I think the kettle fried chips are too hard and greasy.


Annemarie said...

Good luck with all that grass and those rocks! All your efforts are paying off, though. This piece is a real stunner!

Karen said...

It is a beautiful piece. All that grass is just the beginning to making it come alive.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Looks great Glenna, just think your "whalers" will soon have a view!

I tend to agree about kettle chips, they are little hard, they make my tongue sore, but the bag/box/tin is lovely! :o)

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

This is looking very pretty! Tell you what, I will finish your whalle one if you will finish my bee one. I am tired of it! I am trying to be good and finish as I only have a bit more but I may be insane by then! LOL!