September 16, 2006

A-Shopping We Will Go

I'm not a huge shopper, except of certain things. I avoid malls, and I dislike department stores. I hate trying clothes on. But I love the stash-trip, as you know, and also I love, love, love athletic shoes. So I went to Everything Cross Stitch, my LNS in Fredericksburg, and the lovely ladies there helped me kit up Victoria Sampler White Christmas and this Plum Pudding sampler that I spotted. I'm in the mood for a Christmas sampler--never mind the continuing 80-degree-plus temperatures forecasted for this coming week--and if I'm going to get something done in time to hang by THIS holiday, I'd better get started:

Then it was on to Virginia Runner where they have my foot measurements (8.5), arch (low) and stride (overpronater) in the computer and produced a comfy pair of trail-runners and a pair of street-runners. I should mention that I'm not a runner but a walker, but prefer the softness of the running shoes. I need to get walking again and lose some weight and perhaps even take the quilt and the shirts needing ironing off the treadmill. I had to have the Nalgene bottle of course (I hope they gave it to you free, said the BF, eyeing my purchases. Nope--bought it.) There's something about new running shoes that makes me think of training to run a marathon... Fortunately, they're also great commuting shoes.
Back tomorrow to display progress on Whale Hunting and maybe a Christmas start.


Annemarie said...

What lovely purchases! The Christmas sampler is darling. Isn't it time the weather pixies gave us something a bit more Christmassy, or at least autumn-y?

The Queen's Stitch said...

I'm catching up on your blog - I love Plymouth! I had gone every year for 10 years for Sampler Gathering, which is now defunct, sad to say. But always made several trips to The Sampler while there. Unfortunately, that has been sold. Elizabeth Creeden was the former owner and she was fantastic! My friend and I are going to Plymouth for a pseudo-stitching weekend at the end of the month. We're not going for an event, but she lives in CT and I'm in ME now so we'll meet there and relive the glory days of Sampler Gathering. We always eat at the East Bay Grille!


Anonymous said...

Nice stash and nice pic of your LNS. It's always fun to see pics of where people get there needlework stash.