September 14, 2006

Rolling Along

I'm still enjoying Whale Hunting, and it's amazing how clear the action of the little whale hunters is, even though neither one of them has a "stitch" on--LOL. I haven't had as much time to stitch this week between the longer commute, the dark mornings (we've had rain all week) and the accounting homework. I'm looking forward to doing a bit more this weekend, and since I have to pick up some fibers I've ordered at the LNS, there's no telling what kind of mischief I'll get up to.
Speaking of mischief, this is some more of the stash that I got in Plymouth, which I think I'll kit up this weekend. So many of the samplers at The Sampler were done on high thread count fabrics, and I really liked the delicate, oh-so-precise look, so I'm thinking 40 ct or higher for this one. And athough it's charted for DMC, maybe I'll try to do a conversion for Needlepoint Silks. It's from Little House Needleworks.

So, in regard to the black pants: I decided to do a little online shopping today, thinking that what I need is some nice restrained plaid or perhaps a birds-eye tweed. And I found these:

Who dresses like this? I'd have to lose a good many pounds and years, and gain about six inches in height. And learn to walk in really high heels, which I never have managed. But I did find a nice conservative pair of dark-green tweed pants. They'll look good with the soft yellow sweater I'm knitting, so I'd better get going on it. Unfortunately I don't like to knit in the summer, so I haven't gotten anything done on it since early spring, or the pink one I started last year either.


Anonymous said...

You are zipping rightr along on Whale Hunting. It looks great. I've always liked that LHN pattern, should be beautiful on a 40 CT.

Anna van Schurman said...

Those pants are stupid. They just look dumb no matter how tall, thin, and young you are.

I am all for the perfectly preserved kitchen--and there are two other fruit samplers like the pumpkin--a watermelon and an apple, but I'm not sure it would go with the color scheme.

Still love the Whale Hunt.